and that's a wrap: 2014 in review

This post always stresses me out a bit, but Brent always loves it and it's his favorite of the year so I keep it coming. AND 2014 was good to us. Very good. I think it's a good thing to look back and remember, and also realize how quickly it goes so we can embrace today a little stronger.


I started this year out half way pregnant. Well, you can't really be halfway pregnant I guess. I was very real pregnant, but our sweet baby girl number 2 was only halfway done getting made.

Blythe was still sleeping in her crib, which resulted in THIS naughtiness and my reflection of God's grace to take into the year.


February was a quiet month in our house. Blythe was still just a baby herself, it seemed. I finally was able to get her hair in pigtails though!

My quiet afternoons resulted in some reflection on what it meant to create HOME for others, and allowed plenty of time for me to geek out about how I would be able to handle TWO CHILDREN!


Blythe turned TWO and we CELEBRATED and I wrote her THIS LETTER.

My sister and Grandma threw a beautiful baby shower/ tea party for me as I grew increasingly more pregnant.

My dad retired! We celebrated. I wrote THIS [which ended up being my highest viewed post to date. That man is well loved].

I reflected about Blythe no longer being an only child and what that would mean for her and our family.

I continued writing letters for our second daughter and Brent received a promotion at the bank.


I had my first [and hopefully last] experience with kidney stones, and said farewell to our family of three. 

Blythe moved out of the crib and started sleeping in a big bed in a new room.

I turned 28. It was obvious I was growing increasingly nostalgic as the baby's arrival approached.
Our last family picture before Becks' arrival about a week and a half later


The main focus of May was welcoming and getting to know Becks Lynae. She was born on May 2nd, a day before her due date [or three days before, depending on which due date I go with].
I am not sure who this baby is, but apparently this is what Becks looked like when she was about a week and a half old :) I'm so grateful Meagan captured her tininess and her alertness.

We spent the month staring at her perfections…and into her big blue eyes-- which were open a lot.

I wrote about the story behind her extra special name, and her birth story. Probably two of my favorite posts from the year.

Before the month was over we made it to church and our nephew's graduation, so I felt pretty successful!


We continued to slowly get to know Becks as summer slipped into the sticky, hot days.

Brent prepared for his triathalon… oh, and managed to run a quick little half marathon like it was no big deal.

I wrote a little Father's Day tribute to that guy because, seriously, he is impressive.


We celebrated the Fourth of July in style!

Brent killed the triathalon. Read here if you don't believe me. And he caught the TRI- bug and now wants to do a full triathalon… and eventually a half iron-man…and then, why not! the full Iron Man. Google it. He's crazy. But he totally can do it!

Potty training began. I'll leave it at that because I think it is still happening…

It was a good summer. I spent most of my days so dang overwhelmed with happiness and so thankful that Becks was such a good baby.

I reflected a lot: here and here.

And Meagan used our family for a mentor session and we got some beautiful family pictures out of the deal that I will cherish forever! [Thanks Meagan and Carrie!]

We got to go to Lake Okoboji at the end of the month and the girls took their first boat ride. 


This was my third August to not be a teacher. But I think this was the first August I started to really enjoy my new role at home, and realize my identity is not in what I do. I still missed the first week back to school excitement though and wrote about what I would have been doing if I were still in the classroom. Instead I was doing this: 

I feel even more in love with doing Senior photography.

I did a lot THIS. And thought about the verse, "When you are weak, then you are strong." And I snapped this picture of Blythe which just captured her joy this summer: 


Brent and I started Storyline and got a lot out of that process. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a study with a group or by yourself for the new year.

I wrote one of my favorite posts of the year.

I kept busy with softball and the girls got to know Katie-bug, their babysitter for an hour + when I was at practice.

We dedicated Becks at church and promised to raise her in the Lord.


Softball ended without the flourish of the season before, and as I celebrated the Royals making it to the World Series, I reflected on what it is about sports that keeps us coming back, win or lose.

I began the pursuit of saying yes more often.

We made our annual trip to Nashville, Becks flew for the first time, and the girls rocked it as 80s work out girls! And we survived the airport with Brent in a wheelchair.


I tried to help my daughter through her first real fear: lions.

Brent turned 29 and I took a lot of pictures.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with family and had so much to be thankful for once again. And we got to take an updated family picture:


I actually can't believe I am reflecting on this month because I feel like it just started. Regardless, we busted out our Christmas decorations and drove around and saw a lot of lights with the girls.

I wrote a Christmas letter HERE.

Blythe had her grandma's over for a sweet little tea party, and I restored my old My Little Ponies to gift her at Christmas.

We put up an awesome fence in our backyard and Blythe got her first haircut.

We had two little girls who were a joy to celebrate with on Christmas. We went here there and everywhere and celebrated with lots and lots of family.

 And now we are sending the year out with Influenza A. Boo. Blythe started running a fever a couple of days ago and it got super scary high so we took her to ER. Sure enough, we did not escape the plague this year. She's pretty miserable and your prayers are appreciated. So far Becks [and Brent and I] seem to be in the clear. We plan on ringing in the new year by going to bed at 8 o'clock. Yee haw!

It was a great year filled with some of life's best blessings, and as we sit in the muck of the flu and listen to our Blythe cough and cry, I can still say that God is on His throne.

And He will be in 2015. And that is something to celebrate!

Happy New Year! Thanks for following along with us on this little corner of the internet.

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Mrs. White Writes said...

Probably my favorite blog post, too. I appreciate reading the intentional things you do to pour into your life and your family. Happy new year!

*carrie* said...

Just saw this post. Hope everyone in your home is restored to health now!