a day in the life [updated]

About a year and a half ago I wrote a little post about what my day looks like. I realized that has changed a bit, so here is my updated version of "a day in the life", for those of you who are even the slightest interested:
Pictures are not all from one day.
This all happened yesterday. 

7:20: Roll out of bed, re-swaddle Becks, lay her back down. I crawl back in bed.
7:50: Brent comes and tells me goodbye. I fall back asleep.
8:02: Blythe starts calling for me and I go get her out of bed. Hug on her. Wake myself up. Realize I need to wake up Becks to feed her for the day.
8:05: Wake up Becks with the help of her sister.
8:06: Turn on "Curious George" for Blythe and sit down to feed Becks.

8:15: Change Becks' diaper and put her clothes on for the day. Head to living room. Blythe proceeds to kiss all over Becks and talk to her and lay on her and sing to her.

8:20: While Blythe finishes "Curious George" I change her out of her pajamas. It's not even 9 oclock, so we are doing pretty well! :) She fights putting on her pants. I explain, yet again, that we have to wear pants in case someone comes to our house; you can't run around naked all the time.
8:28: Becks is happily playing on her playmat, Blythe is finishing her show, I sneak in laundry room and find some shorts and tank top to throw on [they are still in laundry baskets because I never fold clothes anymore].
8:40: Pour a bowl of Mini Wheats for Blythe, talk to Becks a minute or two, then go in bathroom to throw hair in ponytail and brush my teeth. Blythe hollers for me, I check on her at table and talk to Becks on my way back through living room. I rub some tinted moisturizer in, swipe on a little mascara, and call it good. I'm just going to sweat it off at practice.
8:50: Pick up Becks, sing her some songs. Carry her with me to kitchen.
8:55: Wipe up Blythe and help her down.
9:05: Help Blythe go potty.
9:08: Hold Becks while playing Play-do with Blythe.
9:28: Take Blythe potty again. Clean up her potty. Wipe up bathroom sink and counters while I have clorox out.
9: 37: Becks is tired. I swaddle her, I shoo Blythe out of her room but not before she sneezes and startles Becks back awake. She leaves. I sing Becks Amazing Grace and lay her down.
9:42: I put some bread in the toaster, and Blythe tells me she wants to make coffee. We make coffee and she barely spills any grinds-- bonus! While I stir in my creamer I send her to living room to get our quiet time blanket ready.
9:55: Blythe and I have our quiet time. I read mine while she reads and writes in her notebook, then she chooses to read about Jonah together. Then we pray.

10:05: Break from quiet time to potty.
10:18: I get my new book out to read and she picks a couple books and we read together. She doesn't want to read as long as I do.
10: 23: Blythe has a meltdown because she wants to look at my phone "pone" and I told her she has to wait awhile. Meltdown ends in timeout.
10: 26: I try to think of a way to teach her to stay focused on an activity for a little while. I set my phone's timer for 3 minute intervals and we play with one thing, then when timer goes off we move to the next.
10:29: Blocks.
10: 32: Play-doh.
10: 35: Puzzles
10: 38: Dora coloring book.

10: 41: She chooses puzzles again.
10: 44: Doctor.
10: 47: Read a book.
10: 50: She wants to read more.

10: 52: Potty.
10: 56: Flashcards.
10:58: We hear Becks start to wake up, Blythe comes with me to greet her. Becks smiles great big for us.
11: 02: I finally let Blythe look at my phone as I sit down to feed Becks.
11:03: A knock at the door. Torri has come to play! Blythe runs out to play with her I finish feeding Becks.
11: 06: Torri helps Blythe go potty, then builds some towers with her.
11: 15: I burp Becks and change her diaper. We go out to see Torri.
11: 25:  Torri and I try to talk while simultaneously playing with Blythe and Becks.
11: 32: My mom sends me a text inviting us to have lunch at the local mennonite store with her and Torri and my dad. I text Brent to confirm that this will work for him.
11:38: Brent says that sounds great. I scratch plans to make lunch! Yay!
11: 45: Torri hangs with the girls a minute while I throw a few things in the diaper bag and locate Blythe's shoes.
11: 51: I chase Blythe and get her to put on her shoes.
11:53: Blythe has to go potty.
11: 58: I put Becks in her carseat and find a burp rag that is semi-clean to take with us.

12: 03: Brent gets home, gives Blythe a "chocolate diamond" [Hershey's Kiss] for not having and accidents this morning, and  I ask him to put her on the potty one more time before we get in the car [she doesn't go], I locate my shoes, and we pile in the car.
12: 14: We order our sandwiches.
12:15: I show Blythe where the potty is and tell her she can use it if she needs to go.
12: 18: I share my ham with Blythe and give her a fruit bar I threw in the bag earlier.
12: 25: Blythe needs to go potty! Only papa can take her.
12: 32: I order a pineapple/coconut smoothie. I don't even love pineapple, but it sounded so good.
12: 33: Brent convinces me he needs to buy some candy. Malted milk balls.
12: 35: I receive my smoothie and it's the best decision I've made all week.
12: 39: We get both girls back in their carseats, say goodbye to Torri who is leaving for college, and take off.

12: 41: I share a drink of my smoothie with Blythe.
12: 42: Becks falls asleep.
12:45: We pass a turtle in the road. I tell Brent we should go get it for Blythe's first pet [there is a whole story here about a turtle I once had for two days and loved when I was younger].
12: 46: Brent pulls a U-turn. I jump out and find the turtle in the grass at the edge of the road and carry it back to the van. We aren't sure what kind it is, and Brent says something about it pooping in the van.
12: 48: I decide to leave the turtle on the edge of the road.
12:49: I share a drink of my smoothie with Blythe.
12:52: We get home, I carry Becks in, Brent helps Blythe in and leaves for work again.
12: 53: I swaddle Becks, who woke up during the transition, sing her Amazing Grace, and lay her down.
12: 57: I find Blythe playing with her blocks, and tell her she can choose one more thing to do before nap time. She chooses play-doh.
1: 05: Blythe tells me it's time for nap! We pick up the play-doh and I put a diaper on her, and she picks out "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" for her nap book.
1:12: I read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom". She reads "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" to me…twice.
1: 20: We pray. She requests "The Cross Song" [The Old Rugged Cross]. I sing.
1: 23: I lay her down.
1: 25: I write the first half of this post and notice a missed call from my college roommate.
1: 35: I call her back. She is at work and can't answer. I leave a voicemail.
1: 38: I get out my paint supplies and the huge canvas I have been working on for a friend who commissioned me to paint her something for her new office.
1: 40: I paint and paint and paint.
2:55: I notice the time and realize I need to get stuff picked up, get things ready for my mom who will be watching the girls this evening, and need to feed Becks before Katie, the awesome babysitter, gets here and I need to go to practice.
3:08: I wake up Becks and sit down to feed her. I type up some info my mom will need when she gets here to watch girls after practice and send it to her. I get to read a little of the book I'm almost done with [All the Light We Cannot See… it's excellent].

3:18: Katie shows up.
3: 20: I burp and change Becks and bring her out to Katie.
3: 22: I lay out pajamas and a bottle for this evening. I get in van and leave for practice.
3: 28: I get to practice. It's a million and 20 degrees.
3: 35: I do the ab workout with the girls.
3: 42: I regret doing the ab workout with the girls.

5:07: We decide to let the girls go early due to the heat. I rush home.
5:12: I say hi to Brent and Blythe [Becks is asleep again], and jump in the shower quickly.
5: 25: I pull my wet hair back in a ponytail, wash my pump supplies, find some shoes, mom arrives, and we tell Blythe goodbye.
5: 32: Brent and I get in the car and head to St. Joe to meet up with our small group.
5: 38: The air conditioner on setting three stops working, and we bump it up to setting four which is the only one that works now. Full blast. [Remember?]
6:14: We get to our friend's house, have some tacos, hang out. I check in with my mom occasionally.
8: 12: We get back in the car to go home.
9:03: We get home, I feed Becks. I swaddle her. I sing her Amazing Grace. I lay her down.
9:20: Brent and I finish watching a Netflix movie about Steve Prefontaine.
9: 47: We crawl in bed. I read a little more of my book.
10:15: Lights out.
11: 02: Becks fusses a bit and I go give her her paci.
The end.

*This day was a little busier than normal due to lunch out and having small group-- BUT that means I didn't make a single meal, so that's fantastic. :-) 

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*carrie* said...

Interesting to read about your day, Kelsey. That was a lot of work to keep track of all the times and stuff!

I am amazed Blythe sleeps so late! Naomi's been needing less sleep, and getting up earlier. Today was 6:30. Boo! We are totally off-kilter with starting school this week, and then early dismissals due to the heat. I am antsy to get into a new rhythm.