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19. Unique wood
3. Wild Child set

Hey guys! 

I've had a lot of inquiries lately about my hand lettering products, and I thought it would be easiest if I had one location I could direct people to with some samples and prices. I am not quite ready for a full blown Etsy site [read: three small children at home], but I do find great joy in hand lettering and making unique gifts for people that have meaning and add beauty to a space. It combines my love of crafting and my love of words. 

Prices are listed at the bottom, and I love getting requests for custom pieces! 

4. God Knew, 2 ft board    5. Guest wood slice

1. Circle chalkboard

2. Family Story: 8X10 Framed chalkboard

6. Teacher name plate       7. Teacher Influence

8. Tribe: 8X10 framed chalkboard

9. Wedding signs

10. Grateful [roughly 8 X 10]

11. Very large gather sign [I don't remember specific dimensions...roughly 3X2 ft]

12. 15X5 inch chalkboard-- custom
13. Ornaments   14. Custom Name signs   15. Framed "Gather" sign
16. Custom wood slices
17. Family Name

4. No place like home- 2 foot on wood
4. Custom wood slices, sizes vary up to 4 ft
18. Embroidered Name hoop

20. white wash board

21. White framed sign [Coloring is super "warm" on this, sorry]

22. Large, stained plywood// Wedding signs or whatever

23. Thick posterboard sign for parties/graduations/etc

24. 3 ft X 3 ft framed [whatever saying]

25. Framed Chalkboard set [or single] Roughly 2.5 X 1.5 ft. [can get exact measurements]

26. Sliced, varnished wood sign [various]

27. Personalized canvas

 Coming soon: Addressing envelopes for special occasions such as Wedding and Party invitations

Price List 
 [prices may vary slightly per customization/supply costs]
I also ship pieces, and shipping cost varies on size of pieces, but generally around $5-10 additional

1. Circle Chalkboard ["And they broke bread" or custom]: $35

2. Family Story, framed 8X10 chalkboard [this is my number one selling piece! I can customize on this framed board as well]: $20 

3. Wild Child wood set [1 foot each] This is my favorite set! $30 

4. Custom boards [1ft- 4 ft X 6 in boards]: prices vary per length and lettering $15-40ish

5. Guest wood slice: $10 

6. Personalized teacher name plate: 1.5 ft ish X 5 in ish I didn't measure it yet, but I can ;): $15

7. Teacher Influence: roughly 8X10, hangs: $20

8. Find Your Tribe: 8 X 10 framed chalkboard: $20 

9. Wedding Signs! Talk to me about a personalized package :) I also offer invitation addressing

10. Grateful, 8X10, hanging sign: $15

11.  Large "Gather" sign, or other custom sign [roughly 2 X 3 foot]-- on chalkboard as well: $55

12. 15 X 5 inch custom chalkboard ["Then sings my soul" pictured]: $15

13. Ornaments. Custom. $4

14. Custom name signs: depending on size, chalkboard or wood: $15-20ish

15. Framed "Gather", 8X10: $20 

16. Custom wood slices, sizes vary but smaller slices start at $10

17. Family Name, roughly 8 X10, $25-30

18. Embroidered Name hoop: Size pictured: $75, smaller hoops [like circles pictured] starting around $55

 19. From time to time I have pieces of unique wood that I can letter. Depending on size and amount of lettering, these are usually around $20-30. If you are interested in something like this contact me.

20. I also can white wash board, as pictured here. 1ft- 4ft. prices vary per length and lettering $15-40ish

21. White framed sign: $30-35

22. Large, stained plywood: $35-50  Price varies per size and lettering

23. Thick posterboard sign for birthday parties/graduations/etc: $20^ depending on amount of lettering

24. 3 ft X 3 ft LARGE framed signs: $120

25. Framed chalkboard set: $60
Framed chalkboard single: $30

26. Sliced, varnished wood sign: $75^

27.  Personalized canvas-- prices will vary depending on size and number of canvas, and amount of lettering. Shoot me a message with your idea and I'll give you a number to work with :)

 Basically: Just ask. If you have an idea or something you would like lettered, let's talk and we can  figure out a product that will make you excited!

Feel free to share this page and check back as I hope to keep it updated with new products and ideas :). And who knows, I may run some specials from time to time. ;)

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