let it snow

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Yesterday it snowed. And I was so happy. I have always loved the first real snowfall of the season, but haven't had an excuse to go play for awhile. [Not that I really ever needed an excuse: two years ago Brent and I built a pretty mean fort in our front yard complete with a flag and windows and awesomeness.]

But yesterday I made snowangels and snowman the size of a toddler. 

Yesterday I remembered the feeling of cold-worn cheeks and numb fingers, and the awesome sensation of warmth slowly creeping back in as we peeled off layers in the mud room.

Yesterday I wiped sticky hot chocolate fingers of a happy little girl, and remembered the joy of playing in the snow.

Yesterday I also laughed at how ridiculously awesome this old-school snowsuit looked on my daughter, and prayed she wouldn't have to go to the bathroom after we got outside. 

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