who i am

I'm glad you stopped by. 

My name is Kelsey.

I am married to Brent. 
[check out the page for OUR STORY]

I have the privilege of being Blythe Kathleen's mama. 
[check out the page for HER STORY]

I am a has been/will be again high school English teacher.

I am a current stay at home mom. 

I love to write and so this little corner of the internet became my space to do just that. Sometimes I write to let others know what is going on in my life. Sometimes I write to save a precious piece of time in the only way I know how. And sometimes I write because it's the only thing I can think to do at the time. 

I love our Lord- the unending grace He offers makes my little life worthwhile. I love my family, good books, sunny days, tall cups of coffee, and laughing. 

If you stumbled across my blog by accident, it's cool, stay awhile.

If you stumbled across my blog on purpose, even better.

If you have no idea what a blog is and you're lost in the world of the internet… it's okay, we've all been there.

If you like what you read, have questions, or just want to have someone to email, my contact is:


Stick around. I'm happy you stopped by.

And once upon a time I wrote 25 things about me that I'm sure you're DYING to know…so just CLICK HERE. You're welcome.

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