on becoming a mother of two

In ten or so-ish weeks, I will welcome my second daughter into this world.

Two babies. One me.
Brent and I will be playing a man to man defense now.

Am I ready for this?
I mean, really ready? Is anyone every ready?

Here is an example of some of the things that randomly pop into my head:
I was driving down the road the other day and thought, "I wonder how much hair, mine and others, I've eaten in my lifetime?"
I don't feel like a mother of two would think something like that.

I guess it will be about prioritizing. For example:
Hurt comes before hungry. If one kid is crying because she just feel off the chair, and another is crying because she is hungry, hurt comes first, right?

And hungry comes before whiney.

And discipline comes before diaper change. ?

There are just going to be a lot of things in the air to juggle. And have you ever seen me attempt to juggle? If not it looks something like this:
google images

Sure she may look like she has it under control, but that is because she is tricking you: there is only one orange in the air. If I accidentally really try to juggle and throw two balls into the air? Then I look like this: 
google images

Sheer panic and chaos. Lucky for me though, Brent is actually an expert juggler, and looks something like this:

google images

So that should help. 

I've heard many a mother say that the transition to two was pure hell; that the transition to three or four or more was so much easier than that initial transition to two. Thanks, mothers everywhere, for that vote of confidence. 

I guess only time will tell. And I know we will figure it out…
We will have to, right? 
But in the mean time if you see me roaming the streets with mismatched shoes and diaper rash ointment in my hair, give me a little grace? Or let me come sleep on your couch for a minute? Or at least hand me a cup of coffee? 

For those of you that have made this transition, and many of you have made it look flawless I might add, what are your secrets or tips? Are there any? Keep it real, please. 

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julia said...

Some friends and I were just talking about this with a friend that is about to have her second baby. We all thought that the transition to two children was actually easier than the initial transition to motherhood. Even though you prepare as much as you can, it is still a shock for your body to go through birth, recovery, and then taking care of this tiny precious person. For me, the second time was just more natural and relaxed. And my greatest joy of having my second baby was watching my firstborn become a loving big brother. Encourage Blythe in her new role as big sister and she will shine! [I, of course, understand that it is not always rainbows and sunshine. Newborns and two-year-olds are just that: newborns and two-year-olds.]

Jenny Russell said...

I didn't think the transition to two children was all that difficult. Comparing it to the way I felt when we brought Emma home for the first time, it was a piece of cake. Bringing her home I was so terrified that I would screw her up or hurt her or who knows what else crossed my mind, but when we brought Caleb home I felt like I had a much better handle on what to expect and how to manage the situation. Either way the previous comment is spot on about watching your now oldest child fall in love with their sibling, it is an amazing feeling!

momiss said...

Throw your schedule out the window and do not put yourself under pressure or expect to do everything perfectly.
And stop worrying. Your hair looks great too! You're set. lol

*carrie* said...

Those juggling pictures are funny!

I wrote posts about this before and after Natalie was born, so you can check them out:



Barb said...

Someone very wise once told me that my kids won't remember made beds or clean bathrooms, but they will remember the games of Candyland, the fort-building and the fact that their mom let them use glitter AND glue long before they probably should have. :) You will do just great.

Anonymous said...

Transition to two way better than to one or three (especially 3!).

jenny said...

I remember freaking out about transitioning to two, too!! But, actually, it was pretty darn smooth. I think that the transition from 0-1 was the hardest. Sure, it takes a few months to feel "normal", but I at least felt like I knew what I was doing (somewhat??). You'll be great!! You have my vote of confidence.