seven months of becks

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Weight: ? My guess is around 15 lbs

Clothes and Diapers: Mainly 6 and 6-9 months. 6-9 months fit best, but I think it's because most of our stuff is a touch small due to A LOT of trips in washer and dryer over the past 5 years. Decided to move her up to size 3 diapers because I needed to for night anyway, and they just work better. Still love us some Luvs. 

Eating: Nursing 4-5 times a day, for 7 or 8 minutes TOPS! She gets super distracted/disinterested. If anyone in the near vicinity talks or makes a sound, she's done. Something more important is clearly going on! [I'm not complaining. Blythe still took 45 minutes to nurse at this age! ] Just started giving her some solids for breakfast, and she eats some at lunch and quite a bit at supper.  Still doesn't like a bottle. Has gagged herself on anything green I've let her try. Stinker. However, she's gotten pretty great with the spoon. 

Sleeping: Consistently taking two longer naps now [yay!], and occasionally needs a brief power nap in late after noon to make it to bedtime but not usually. Her afternoon nap is finally stretching out, and is sometimes 2 and half hours or a little longer! [sometimes it's an hour too…. ] Goes down for the night between 7/7:30 most days and sleeps until about 5, eats, then back to bed until about 8:30 and then is up for the day! Love it! Like I said last month, I really don't mind feeding her at 5 and then letting her sleep in like Blythe and I typically do :). 

accomplishments/ things to note: 

\ she is usually super content to sit and play. She needs very little entertainment, and if she does get a little fussy Blythe is usually on it sooner than I can get there! But usually, if she's playing by herself and then fusses a bit, it's just because she wants someone beside her, not because she wants you to entertain her. 
\ Blythe LOVES to have people "get her" and chase her. Becks does not like it when anyone "gets" Blythe. Blythe will scream and shout when she is captured, and immediately Becks gets a very concerned look on her face and starts crying. 
\ she is starting to notice when I leave the room and has a little bit of "stranger danger" anxiety. I know these are all part of a healthy development but I always feel bad for the person who wants to hold her, only to have her look at them and start a panicked cry. 
\ she is starting to *reach* for people ever so slightly. It's more of an "I'm-going-to flap-my-arms-in-your-general-direction-and-hope-you-get-the-idea" but I'm counting it! 
\when she gets tired she gets SO slap happy and just belly laughs at anything. I may deprive her of sleep more often because it is the best. 
\she did awesome for her first Thanksgiving. Lots of family, very little napping, happy baby girl. 
\she is sitting up in the bath now and has a blast. 

Becks Lynae- you get sweeter by the minute. Seriously. I don't know how you do it. 

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Hannah said...

Wow! She is eating in 7-8 minutes?! Holy cow! That is amazing! And yay for good naps and sleeping in! She sounds like the [almost] the perfect baby ;) Also, have I mentioned how adorable she is? I could just eat her up!