a morning tea for the lady to be

I mentioned last week that my sister threw a beautiful baby shower/tea party for me, which my Grandma Ann hosted in her home.  How often do you get to have a for real tea party?! Well, maybe you are fancier than I am, but unless you count the ones on my living room floor with Blythe, rarely do I get to sip tea and eat scones and cucumber sandwiches with wonderful ladies. 

My sister and Grandma went above and beyond in putting this little shin-dig together. It was beautiful. I was so impressed with the invites my sister whipped up too:

I invited my sister-in-law, Beth, and my great friend, Meagan, only because they are photographers. Just kidding. I love them. But they both captured some wonderful moments and images from the morning for me, and it was nice to not worry about taking a single shot and knowing it would be well documented.

Oh my goodness, my nephew: Wesley Paul. We are fond of that guy. And my beautiful sister, Kali. 

My grandma and aunt have the best collection of tea cups and saucers. 

I love this picture of Meagan, and since she is rarely in FRONT of the camera, I had to post it! And look at how she is staring lovingly at my mom. :) 

My dad showed up to take picture and then saw Beth and Meagan, "Well! If I knew you both would be here I wouldn't have come!" Yeah right, I think he secretly wanted in on the party. 

It was so wonderful to get to share this morning with some truly wonderful women who have loved on me and prayed for me and blessed me in so many ways.

Stole Beth's cell phone pic since she, too, is rarely in front of camera

The baby whisperer, with Lincoln

oh, Grandma Pat.. she hates having her picture taken. 

Blythe had a little tea party of her on in the other room

and when I say little…I mean, little 
But mainly, she was in it for the snacks

All the details of this day were perfect. Here were the party favors Kali put together

oh my land, this dress!
My mom had to get "Mommy and Daddy" something too :) Is it weird that I got Oreos at my baby shower for Blythe too? Do I have a problem? 

While looking through the pictures though, I decided that really a baby shower is a great time to make a pregnant woman [and her sister] make some really fantastic faces. I can't believe I'm sharing these, but they made me laugh. Do I seriously look like this all the time?! [Don't answer that]. I'm just glad Kali joined me for some of them. 

Without further adieu… I present… the faces: 

I don't look excited…but I was. 
probably my favorite

Caroline got the funny face making gene too!

Because when you get cute towels you should act like a beaver.

"oooooohhhhh… they're blankets!"

 But in all seriousness, it was a truly wonderful shower, tea party, and time to celebrate this new life on the way. I was reminded, as I sat in a circle of such beautiful woman, how fortunate I am to bring this sweet girl into such a rich heritage of love. She is already prayed for and loved. And she also already has a lot of diapers and blankets and sweet outfits for her sweet little body to fill.  What a lucky little lady to get to join this group.

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*carrie* said...

So so sweet. Lots of great photos to capture a special occasion!