Here is the brief story of my journey towards photography.
Current prices listed at bottom. 
Pictures of beautiful people along the way. 

I've always loved taking pictures. I can remember loading up on film for my cheap, lime green camera every year before I went to church camp. I would take 4-5 rolls and then wait anxiously for the few days it took to process them.


In high school I took a photography class, learned to shoot manually, and learned to develop my own pictures in a black room. [One day I want a black room in my house. Right?] 

In college I finally got a Kodak digital camera, and I loved it! Brent and I could email pictures back and forth of our day to day [literally, I would mail him pictures of me getting my mail! eating my chicken patty! working out in the rsc!]. It's hard to even remember a time before we all carried a camera in our pocket, but that little digital camera was one of my favorite possessions, and I dreamed of one day owning a DSLR. 

 Shortly after I graduated, my parents bought me a Canon. I was ecstatic! And my picture taking increased exponentially, which is hard to believe since I was taking pictures of myself eating cafeteria food before, but it did. 

Slowly but surely I learned how to shoot manually with my digital camera, and over time saved and bought better lenses and upgraded camera bodies. 

About six years ago some good family friends asked if I would take senior pictures for their oldest daughter. Then her friend asked me. Then another friend wanted some shots of her kids. And so on. I learned as I went. I read more about lighting and apertures. I upgraded my camera body again. 

I ask my photographer friends a million questions, and mess with my camera all the time. Now that I have a family of my own, I know just how awesome it is to have pictures taken during a certain phase of life, and how cherished those small captured moments can be, even just 3 or 4 months down the road. I especially love to capture the un-posed moments, when people really look like themselves.

I realized how much fun it was, and haven't really ever stopped. Now I've done a little bit of everything, from families to dogs [!!] to seniors to senior groups to kids to toddlers to maternity to weddings…

I absolutely love my time chatting with people and trying to capture personalities that aren't posed but real and active!  I know a lot of people get picture-anxiety, and I try to make everyone as comfortable as possible. And I know every parent gets anxiety about their children taking pictures: I will not judge if  when your two year old has a meltdown. I will not judge you if you bribe your child with m&ms. Or ice cream. Or McDonalds. Or 28 hours of television. I get it. I'm for you! :) Chasing around toddlers and trying to make them laugh and not have a nervous breakdown may just be my favorite.

Here are my current prices: 
/ For one child/birthday: $125
/Engagement session: $125
/Senior session: $150 for two locations/$125 for one location
/Maternity session: $100
/Family session: $175
/For multiple family session [i.e. grandparents who want entire families etc] : $225+ 
These prices include up to an hour session and full rights to all edited images and an online gallery. 

***Contact me for information on my wedding package. I only book about 2 weddings a year, and will not book them within 30 days of each other, so....very LIMITED AVAILABILITY! Let's chat!***

Please feel free to contact me though if you have any questions and/or $ questions. I would love to work with you and see what we can come up with! 
Contact me:
kelsey [dot] irwin [at] gmail [dot] com 

Thanks to all of you who have let me take your pictures and keep doing something I really love! 

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