the end of another year

Last year I actually wrote a Christmas letter, complete with a picture, and mailed it out. This year I was lazy, trying to save money, and nothing all too news-worthy happened (if you don't count Caroline as something that happened to ME).

I have been told that I am reflective by nature; I like to think back, process how things were and what happened in attempts to do better, or enjoy the victory. So here is a look back at 2009 in our household, a month at a time. Consider this my Christmas letter/ picture album, as I consider it a chance to be reflective.


We rang in the new year in style with some of my college friends (Jess, Jenny, and Becker).
Before we left home I had to spend some time getting to know Hawkin's new fish, Stripe. This may seem less than news worthy, but I wanted to pay homage because unfortunately, Stripe did not know much about the year 2009.
Then we attended a wedding in Joplin, spent some time with friends there, and then headed back to Kentucky to settle in for the new year ahead of us.

Soon after arriving we got a phone call from Brent's sister, Beth, and she told us she was pregnant! We would spend the rest of the year in anticipation!February:

February was a busy month and greeted us like a lion, as we were pummeled by a huge ice storm. Due to the massive wind storm the previous fall, there were several limbs barely hanging on which caused great damage when hit with ice. Many homes and businesses were without electricity for more than a week, but Brent and I were fortunate and had power the entire time. Our friends, Meagan and Shane, stayed with us during this time.Kali and Dan also came up towards the end of the ice storm. They had just bought a new car and unfortunately a sheet of ice landed on the hood, denting it. Sorry, Dan! However, during this time we found out that they were also expecting, and could not have been more excited. At this news I promptly removed the chicken from Kali's fajita and realized why she was spending a lot of their visit in the bathroom!Micah was able to visit for Valentine's day which was an excellent treat as Brent was in Ethiopia! This was the 6th Valentine's day we would celebrate as a couple, and the 5th that we would celebrate apart (what are the odds?!). Brent had an incredible time, and was truly moved and changed by the experience.
I also remember finally feeling like I was truly and deeply enjoying teaching during February--A feeling I had long been awaiting since the previous August.


With March came a long awaited SPRING BREAK! Instead of hitting the beach I decided to spend some time in my beloved midwest (yes, it was a snow covered spring break!). I made a wonderful trip to northwest Iowa and visited some great friends and family.


We were able to experience our first "Thunder over Louisville"-- the kick off to a week of Derby celebrations! We gathered with some other interns/church friends for the occasion.
However, we decided to "get the heck out of Dodge" and made a trip to Chicago to visit Jared and Renae (no pictures...sorry), and made a pit stop in Indiana to see my college RD, Sara and her husband and son.April was also busy as we spent our time looking and eventually buying a new-to-us car. Beck and Joan also visited around Easter time and I made a trip down to Nashville for the Gospel Music Awards at the Grand Ole Opry!May:

A trip home was made and a wedding was attending and I received my awesome Canon Rebel camera!

At the end of this month, Brent and I helped some of our closest friends move away from us.
And Brent's summer softball league started.

School was finally over, as was Brent's internship, and we took a great vacation to Gatlenburg, TN with Meagan and Shane.

We celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary in style by eating the top of our wedding cake (it was delicious!)

We also started a very intense workout program together: P90X. This is not a picture of us working out, but a picture of us around this time just for kicks :)

Travel! Travel! Travel! We flew home, then to California to visit Brent's brother and family (I also had my first trip to Disney Land!!), then back home, then drove to Jeff City for my Dad's Highway Patrol Graduation and then up to Iowa for a quick family vacation and then back to Kentucky just in time for some flash flooding! Whew. Fun month.


School started:

And Brent separated his shoulder :(

Brent started working at Dick's and we welcomed two very sweet babies into our family. On Brent's side: Henry, Sept. 12.

On my side: Caroline, Sept. 26.


In October I had my wisdom teeth out. Ouch!
Brent and I were able to make a trip home, we met Henry and spent some great time with family. I was even able to make a quick trip to Omaha to meet up with Renae!


November was fairly uneventful, minus a few trips to Nashville to snuggle up with Caroline, celebrated Brent's birthday, and had a great Thanksgiving week with Micah.December:

Wrapped up the "year" at school with some fun gifts and pranks with my great co-workers.Then it was off to Missouri to spend Christmas with our families.

Tomorrow we have some friends coming over to celebrate the new year. Whew! I guess it has been a fairly busy year when you look at this way (and it took me two hours to post this, so please comment to let me know that it was actually read :)

I pray you all have a blessed 2010 and daily remember that it is by grace we awake each morning. Happy New Year!



You may have noticed that I had recently uploaded a new "gadget" to my blog: my playlist. My sister-in-law had one on her blog and I thought it would be something fun to try.

Well, Diana and my mom have requested it be removed. I know there are others out there that probably have this same request. It was nice when I wanted a quick and easy way to pull up songs that I liked, however, every time I went to my blog I always paused it or muted it. I figured you all did too.

So it is gone. Silence can be a beautiful thing. :)

I plan on writing when I get home this week. And you can read it without the noisy distraction of my playlist.



from missouri

Apparently there are some of you who check this daily and I am continually disappointing you. Well, lest you leave "Words that Sing" forever, here is a brief update:

-Brent and I arrived safely last Saturday morning. We spent Friday evening in Columbia with some Louisville friends who were interviewing for a job at a church there. We had Christmas at Brent's grandma's on Saturday and then returned to his parent's house.

- We have had some very busy days in that house, as all of our nieces and nephews are here too. Busy, but oh-so-much fun. If we aren't wrestling, making Christmas chains, playing in the snow, sliding on the frozen pond, or throwing paper airplanes we may be dressing up the kids as a live nativity (pictures to come) or possibly sneaking a piece of homemade Carmel from the fridge.

- Beth [sister-in-law] and I talked last October about doing a "trash the dress" photo session in our wedding dresses this Christmas. If you haven't heard of such a thing, it really is what it sounds like. Previous brides wear their wedding dresses in various locations and eventually get it muddy or tear it or lay in the water etc. We didn't want to completely ruin our wedding dresses, but they did get a few spots of mud. We took pictures on the pond and in the snow etc. We were freezing by the end of it but had a lot of fun. And kudos to Beth for fitting into her wedding dress three months after having a baby :) [We took the pictures on her camera and I will post them once I get them from her]

- Speaking of cameras, I don't know how but I LEFT MY CAMERA IN LOUISVILLE. What?! Just so you know....

- My parents have a dog now. Weird. Her name is Scout.

- In other news, the wind is blowing and Christmas is on the way. More to come!!!