the last "it's-almost-Christmas" GIVEAWAY!!

It has been so fun to host these giveaways for such awesome shops and encourage you guys to "shop small" and a little more personally when it comes to your holiday gift giving.

And don't forget! All of these shops will do custom orders for you or your awesome mother-in-law whom you have NO IDEA what to get! ANDDDDD ….

//Liza Loves Paper is still offering 15% at her Etsy shop with the coupon code: WORDSTHATSING15 until January 1st.

//CleverCrocheting is offering 15% off at her Etsy shop or via her facebook page when you mention this blog through January 1st.

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This week you just get me.
I was trying to think of a little something I could offer during this giveaway bash, so here is what I decided to do:

If you've known me for awhile, you know I like to dabble in photography. I really enjoy it, and people have even started asking me to take pictures of them. How fun! Now that I have a family of my own, I know just how awesome it is to have pictures taken during a certain phase of life, and how cherished those small captured moments can be, even just 3 or 4 months down the road.

I took a lot of pictures this fall, and shared a few of those sessions, as well as my history with my camera, in this post. 

It all kind of started when I took senior pictures for one of my favorite people in the history of ever: Paige:

I realized how much fun it was, and haven't really ever stopped. Now I've done a little bit of everything, from families to dogs [!!] to seniors to senior groups to kids to toddlers to maternity …

Okay Kelsey, I've scrolled through all those pictures, now what are you giving away?! 

I'm giving away one 30 minute
mini session
A mini session will guarantee you about 
20 edited photos 

//I know it is winter. I know it is cold. I know there may be snow soon. This mini session will be valid for use through June 1st, though if you want to take pictures in the snow I'm ALL for it! I think that would be beautiful!// 

So what do you need to do to enter? 
Unfortunately you have to be local, or know you'll be
visiting nearby before June to enter. 
[If you are in Northwest Iowa, let me know your location because I'll be up that way and you can potentially enter too! Also, if you live in Hawaii and are willing to pay for my family to come, I will definitely let you enter and rig it so you win. 
If you meet that criteria then here is what you need to do to enter:

You may earn up to two entries:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post or the link to this post letting me know
who I would be photographing if you won! 

2. Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect by clicking the 
blue "Join this site" box in the right column that looks like this:
This won't appear if you are viewing it on your phone unless 
you select "view web version" at the bottom

AND since everyone else was so generous and awesome, I thought I would offer a discount as well :) 
If you would like to "pre-book" a session before June 1, you can lock in a 15% discount off my normal prices. 

Obviously you probably don't know what you're doing in April, so you don't have to select a date yet. Simply email me/message me and let me know you would like to lock in the discounted price you saw on my blog and I will write you down and you can contact me later with a specific date. Of course, if you want to go ahead and get first pick at available dates and schedule it we can! 

Or if you want to give a session as a gift, you can buy it with the discounted price and I will give you a gift certificate to be redeemed before December 2015. 

The giveaway closes Thursday, December 19 at midnight
and the winner will be announced on Friday. 

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Jessica Flannery said...

I live in Osborn (ok...I Have an Osborn address) I will PAY for you (and your family if they want to come along) to come to the metropolis and take my family on an adventurous photography session. If you don't rig this so I win for what I just offered.... your a special kind of...well...ummm....

Jaime said...

beautiful photos, all of them! be careful though, you'll soon be doing weddings & getting the camera & lenses you said you "never" get ;) :)

Natasha Parker said...

Kelsey, I think your photos are Beautiful! I'm interested in having you take our family photos sometime in the Spring :)

Regan said...

Me.me.me! I need this! You wouldn't believe how much my boy has changed since you saw him in October! I've followed you on Google and protected you from the many lickings of dogs (that should count for something, right?)

Erika A said...

Ok Kelsey. I am entering this as a challenge to YOU! Think you can get 4 crazy kids to look at you and smile all at the same time???? Game on.

troop kilbride said...

How amazing! You are so talented and what a fulfilling way to serve others :) we would totally love this! We have NEVER had our photos done. All together anyway. All 3 smiling faces have never been captured yet. We will def be back before June and it would be exciting to do with you!! ��
Following you on Google!

Tanya Zimmerman said...

I've enjoyed all your pictures. I would like to have senior pictures of Skyler. Maybe you can get him to smile. He's always so serious.

Ellen said...

So fun! I think this is the best giveaway yet! I would love to have you photograph Caleb and me!

Hannah said...

ugh. If only I lived closer to you! That way I could actually see you and I could enter this give away so you could take some pictures of my little family :)

*carrie* said...

You are so talented! I'd love to have you take our pix. Happy to see you'll be coming to our non-exotic locale in the next few months. =)

Jenny Russell said...

Oh my! I've been looking for somewhere different to take family pictures of the 5 of us! How awesome would it be to come visit my old stomping grounds to do so!! Pick me Pick me!! Seriously Kels your pictures are beautiful!

Callie Nicole said...

Well, I'm not local, so I can't win (rats!), but your photography is gorgeous!

ashley putnam said...

Am I double posting here ?? Thought I submitted once, but I'll try again...

The McFee family doesn't have a picture of us all together thats less than 10 years old...so I'd love to do a family shoot!