my post-partum sandwich: also known as the sandwich you didn't know was missing from your life

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I don't know about any one else, but after I had both girls there were specific things I wanted to eat.
And I wanted to eat it all. the. time.

After delivering Blythe all I wanted was my mom's chicken salad on croissants. And she delivered.
After Becks Brent made a Fazzoli's run and got me a turkey basil submarino. From that point forward, all I wanted to eat was a Fazzoli's turkey basil Submarino.

That was all well and good while we were still at the hospital, but once we traveled the 30+ miles home my craving was met with disappointment. [Well, not really disappointment as we had so many awesome meals brought to us. I am still amazed at people's generosity and cooking abilities.]

But I wanted me some Submarino.

The funny thing is, ask me what meat I want on a sandwich and I will never say turkey.
Ask me if I want big slices of tomato on my sandwich and I will say, "No, thank you."
But together? On this sandwich? It's a food marriage you don't want to miss.

Fast forward a few months when I was no longer a walking zombie after just having a baby, and the sandwich still sounded incredible. So off to Fazzoli's we went one day after church. Though this time I savored every bite, and dissected the sandwich to see how I could go about making it.

[I have since found a recipe online, and this sandwich has provolone and ranch, but I like the way I started making it so I'm sticking with it.]

So if you are about to have a baby, or just like a good sandwich and don't want to go out tonight, whip these puppies up [Brent and I eat these about twice a week now. Twice a week! Did you hear that? Those were angels singing. If you live in a small town with no fast food you understand].

My version of Turkey Basil Submarino 

Sliced deli Turkey
Mozzarella cheese
Roma Tomatoes, thinly sliced
some type of "crusty" bread-- Ciabatta works well


if you know me, you know that when I create recipes I don't really measure

1. Combine 3-4 spoonfuls of mayonnaise and 1-2 spoonfuls of pesto [depending on how strong you like the pesto flavor. Side note: my sister does NOT like mayonnaise but really liked this sandwich. You could easily sub Ranch I guess, since apparently that's what the real deal is made with]

2. Spread combination on your bread fairly thick.

In my opinion, the thicker the better. This is why I don't ever measure, I just make a random amount and use it all until it's gone. 

3. Place your sliced tomatoes on top. I slice mine very thin, but if you love tomatoes leave them thicker.

4. Place several slices of turkey and then mozzarella cheese on top. [Sliced or fresh mozzarella would work better than shredded, but that's all I had on hand this time]. 

5. Leave sandwich open and place under broiler for a few minutes until bread is slightly browned and cheese is melted. 

6. Remove and place lots of crisp lettuce on top and then "close" your sandwich. 

7. Let your mouth water in anticipation. Eat. And then promptly repeat steps 1-6 because you'll want another one. 

I have served these with chips and fruit, or with pasta, or green beans…or whatever you want because it is a SANDWICH and everything goes with a sandwich?! Right?! 

For real. We love this sandwich. 

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Brent said...


Hannah said...

oh, this looks so good!!! And it's perfect timing, you sharing this sandwich, I just bought a ton of turkey by accident, now I know how to use it all up :)

Mrs. White Writes said...

I had no cravings during pregnancy so the postpartum ones totally shocked me. I think I just wanted oreos. Lots and lots of oreos.

*carrie* said...

Interesting. I didn't even know Fazoli's had sandwiches! There was one near my high school, and it was a frequent stop for the (then) $1.99 spaghetti with breadsticks. Mmm.

I don't like mayo, either, but the other ingredients sound quite yummy. Thanks for sharing!