CleverCrocheting: A GIVEAWAY!

Happy Monday! Happy giveaway day! 
[This is one of three giveaways left before Christmas!] 

Do you remember this picture I shared with you a while back of Blythe and Becks with their sweet cousins: 

And do you remember how you all were like, "Oh my word those ear warmers are THE CUTEST!"? 

Well, let me introduce you to the talented lady behind them: Cheryl

My first year teaching here, I had her oldest daughter in my Sophomore English class. The next year, her second daughter joined our softball team and the oldest became our manager. Let me tell you a little bit about these girls: oh my land they ridiculed me like crazy. They could dish it, and they could take it. Which meant I loved them dearly because Sarcasm is my love language. 

Her second daughter was a part of our state championship so I not only got to know her even more, but those of you that are a part of something like that know that you get to know and love the parents even more too. 

But it wasn't until this year that I learned of Cheryl's secret super power: that woman is one TALENTED crocheting wizard! 

This year we had a 14 hour [!!!] day at a softball tournament. Our first game was at 8, and it was barely 40 degrees. Cheryl rolls in and hands her daughter an ear warmer, and even though I should have totally been focused and preparing for the game I had to ask, "Cheryl! Where did you find that?! I've been looking for something like that for a couple of years!" 

Her response? "Oh, I made that for her. "

I promptly asked if I could hire her and she said to just let her know what color I liked etc. By our third game that day that lady had it made! And my ears thanked her!  And now our entire family is decked out in her swag:
Think ear warmers are just for the ladies? Think again. Brent loves his and wore it while chopping a tree [super manly], hanging christmas lights [semi-manly], and going for a run [crazy manly]. 

Blythe can't get enough of her owl earband. She loves it. Which is why I hired Cheryl to make my nieces and nephew some. And of course Becks had to have one too! The thing I love about how she makes these is that there are three buttons in the back so they are totally adjustable. AND they are 100% washable. If they get a little stretched out, I just pop them in the wash and they are snug as a bug again. 

There really is no limit to her talent or what she is capable of doing. She made this awesome hood for a little girl: 

the image on the left is from Pinterest. The image on the left is of Cheryl's hand, but it looks JUST like the other one on. Which impresses the poop out of me because there is no way I could dream of creating something like that! 

Here are some other products she has made: 

And who doesn't love these:

And, you know, when your baseball team plays LATE into October, you have to have some warm weather gear, so she made these! 

The next thing I'm having her made me are these fingerless gloves [and scarf!]. Seriously. I want to own these. And look at that cable knit pattern. Her stuff is so well made. 

 She also is known to make killer blankets:

Or if you have a spider man fan in the family: 

And you guys, all of this stuff is so incredibly soft. And washable! [Can you tell I'm a mother of young children? That washable thing is important…hence why I've mentioned it twice now :)]. 

Also, she made Blythe this incredible purse to match her owl earband, and Blythe loves the thing.

She puts her "fishing pole" in it to take to Papa's house [which is just a fake fish and some string], and she also uses it all over our house to carry around her baby items and play food. And I probably don't even need to mention this by now, but it's so well made! It's perfect for a little girl!

All of that to say, here is another great place to shop "small" for Christmas this year, or just a place to shop to get your ears and hands warmed cutely for the impending winter months. 

She has a lot of her items posted on her facebook: here OR she just opened a new Etsy page: here
She can make anything custom, and if you find a pattern you like for something she can make it! AND she's being awesome and offering a 15% discount now until January 1 if you mention my blog when you order15%! Hoo-rah!*** 

Now let's get to this GIVEAWAY, shall we?  
Cheryl is giving away YOUR CHOICE of fingerless gloves OR an earband [adult or child]!!

To enter:
Leave a comment on this blog or on the link to this blog 
[facebook or instagram] and let me know which you would pick 
if you were the winner! 
That's all! 
Enter! Enter! Enter!

For an additional entry you can follow my blog on Google Friend Connect [see side bar for link] or Bloglovin'. 
giveaway will be open until Thursday, December 4th, at midnight
winner will be announced Friday. 
BUT you can start getting your discount today!

***All her items are made to order based on colors and sizing, so it is first come first serve. All orders are shipped priority with a flat $5 shipping fee [if you are local she can arrange pick up times with you…and she's even been known to deliver because she's awesome like that]. That being said, if you want to get your items in plenty of time for Christmas, get connected with her now! The sooner the better! Also, she's not super-woman and can't get a blanket made by Christmas. However, if you'd like one, she'd still love to make you one and you could create a little picture gift for the recipient and let them know it is being handcrafted [say something like, "Things made with love take longer" and they'll love it!]. ***

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Nicole Mendez said...

I would love an ear warmer. Adult or child. Thanks!

Erika A said...

I have been needing fingerless gloves! And I can also personally vouch for Cheryl's awesomeness. She made our Ninja Turtle hats above!

Anonymous said...

This is the best giveaway you have done thus far!!! I would love a headwarmer - for my whole family! Those are so adorable and awesome! - Renae

jodi said...

I'd totally go for the ear warmer adult size

Betsy said...

Love that you're doing giveaways and all the talented people you've shared about are doing such fun things! I'd love the fingerless gloves!

Liza DeYounge said...

Gloves, for sure!

Lisa Swab said...

Such nice stuff! I'd love to get an adult size earband.

Katie said...

I sure do need a super cute earband from my long time friend Cheryl.

Anne said...

Oh my goodness. I would love to win an earband for one of my nieces! So sweet. Love the giveaway series, Kelsey!

Hannah said...

Can I repost this on the right one so it counts? :)

What an awesome giveaway!! I love all of those things and wish I was half as talented as her! You are a lucky duck to have such an amazing friend nearby. If I won this giveaway, I would pick the earband. I think, they are both so perfect it's hard to choose. But for now, I think I'll stick with the earband - though I bet Carrie someone will win it all again ;) maybe I should change my name ...

Sam said...

The owls are so cute! But I'd like the fingerless gloves!

Tanya Zimmerman said...

I always have known, Cheryl to be very talented. I think fingerless gloves with owls on them would be cute.

Ellen said...

I would pick the gloves!

Rachel Orvis said...

I would pick the ear warmer!

Amy Myers said...

Oh so cute! I'd love an ear warmer in child or adult!

Jenny Russell said...

Those are so cute and look so cozy! Ear band for this lady or my daughter for sure!

Jake and Audra said...

Love those cable knit ear warmers!

Jillian said...

ear band- adult size is what I'd go for!!! would be warm for car rider duty!!!!