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If you are new to my little bloggity-blog-blog here are a few posts you may want to check out: [and you should know that is the first time I have ever referred to it as a bloggity-blog-blog. I'll try not to let that happen again]:

november 6, 2007
I write about my DETOX experience ;)

january 9, 2008
I write about the brutal reality of walking across a college campus... in northwest Iowa…in January

january 24, 2008
I write about one of the most influential people in my life, and how she showed me to love like Jesus

august 25, 2009
my first experience golfing…and my husband's first time blogging

a nerve
august 18, 2009
I write about a time when my husband accidentally struck a little nerve a mine…and go on a little rant about pens 

writing fix
april 26, 2010
I write about what family vacations are like when you grow up with a dad who loves history a little too much

reasons i love teaching
april 13, 2010
I write about, you guessed it, some of the reasons I love teaching [which eventually prompted this reflection]

what's in a record?
october 10, 2010
I write about my first season as the assistant high school softball coach

february 15, 2011
I write about owning 9,834 mugs. 

job idea
october 10, 2011
I write about my love affair with Olive Garden..which led to a FREE dinner for me and Brent from OG's manager, and a couple gift cards :)

why my students write
november 9, 2011
I post my students "why I write" responses and link to the past four years' responses as well

"the house isn't perfect and your neighbor has more jewlery"
february 4, 2013
I write about my newest career: being a stay at home mom

and because everyone always likes my "open letters", here they are:
to oxi-clean
to hotels
to laundry
to student loans
to the drawer under my oven

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