calendar of events

- T-minus 3 hours: leave for D.C. and Williamsburg with bus loads of 8th graders.
- Return Saturday.
- Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
- Monday-Friday: crazy busy last week of school with fun events and buck-wild students; "last supper" with coworkers
- Monday: memorial day. no school.
-Tuesday: Last day. 8th Grade graduation. Dance.
- Wednesday: Closing day. Pack up 2 years worth of memories at South. Cry.
- Thursday: breathe deep. finish packing apartment?
- Friday-Sunday: Beck and Joan arrive in Louisville and help me de-stress and finish packing.
- Monday: check out of apartment forever, wave good-bye. ... drive, drive, drive...unload at our NEW HOUSE.

-Tuesday: begin our new adventure.
- Wednesday: figure out a way to write a real blog and update you all on the aforementioned event.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go pray for patience for the upcoming D.C. trip. :-)


our weekend in pictures

Okay, these took me almost 3 hours to upload. So PLEASE... I'm BEGGING you...ENJOY! [Or buy me a new computer?]

Even the cute ones have to...everybody poops

Such a good mommy.

Brent and I traced her hands for mother's day for Kali. I'll post a picture of the final product soon...or in 5 years when my computer allows me

She was more than content to let us

she LOVES pulling my hair

high five


happy mother's day

Caroline got all dolled up to wish her mom a happy mother's day, and so we thought we would use her to wish OUR mom a happy one too!

We love you mom! Thanks for making sure we grew into ladies. :-) [More pictures of the weekend to come]

I have been blessed with a beautiful and wonderful mom and mother in law. I wanted to share the following for them:

A prayer for mom [written by Bob Russell]:

Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to pay tribute to our mothers. Thank you for those who endured the disfiguring of the body, morning sickness, months of discomfort, anxious moments and excruciating pain to bring us into the world. We were oblivious then. We give you thanks for her endurance now.

Heavenly Father, You said, "In pain you will bring forth children." It's obvious that prophecy wasn't limited to labor pains. There is ongoing emotional pain that every mother experiences. And today we want to pause and than You, and them, for the hurt they tolerated for us.

Thanks that our mothers climbed out of bed at 3 a.m. to feed us when we were hungry, and held her nose to clean up after us when we were sick. We weren't capable of saying thanks then. We do now.

Thanks that our mothers sat on hard bleachers in the hot sun for hours to see us perform for a few seconds and then fought back tears when we struck out. Or agonized during a missed note in a recital and then reassured us on the way home that we did great. Forgive her, Lord, when she wasn't totally truthful but she knew what we needed to hear. We were probably too immature to say thanks then-- we do now.

It's not pleasant to repeatedly correct improper behaviors; tolerate insolence and stay up late worrying about a teenager's safety. We resented her sometimes then- we say thanks now.

Lord, it had to hurt when she worked for hours preparing a special meal, no one said anything positive when it was over in 15 minutes and everyone went their selfish way while mom was left to clean up alone. She must have felt so taken for granted then. We say thanks for her sacrifices now.

Thanks for moms who taught us about the Bible. We never even dreamed that she could be tired and would just as soon put us to bed without reading about Moses in the bulrushes again. We thought she was in a rut then. We say thanks for her perseverance now.

Lord, it's got to be extremely painful to see a child, who was loved and instructed about You, leave home and forsake that teaching. When a child goes to the far country, there's a sense in which a sword pierces the mother's soul. We laughed at her pleading then. We give you thanks for her devotions now.

Help us to find some way today to encourage her and to let her know that we finally notice and are appreciative. For those whose mothers are no longer living, would you communicate for us and reward them accordingly? Thank you that you see what is done in secret and you have promised that one day you will reward openly.

Father, none of us has a perfect mom. Instead of blaming them for what ails us, help us to forgive and understand as we want You to forgive and understand us.

It's in the strong but tender name of Jesus that we pray.



If anyone has advice on any of the following, it may make it easier for me to make more appearances in the blogging world:

- packing

- trying to maintain livable space while packing

- using all non-perishable foods while not having to purchase any more groceries in the remaining month

- saying good bye to people you have grown to love deeply

oh, and by the way, we signed a contract on a house :-) YIPEE!