how to get through an airport with a toddler, a baby, and a husband who can't walk

So you're on vacation, having a wonderful time, when all of a sudden your husband jacks up his ankle.

You have a return flight in less than three days. He can barely limp around the house. How the heck are you going to get through the airport with a husband who can't walk, a two year old, and a 6 month old?

Well let me tell you in easy steps:

1. Lug the 45 pound suitcase down the steps by yourself, but make your brother in law load them in the back of the car.

2. Triple check that you got everything packed up, and only leave two things [not bad].

3. Strap girls into van, help husband down steps and get situated.

4. Arrive at the airport and have brother in law unload suitcases for you and drop you at curb.

5. Take a deep breath.

6. Strap the six month on you in your wrap. Don't have a wrap? Get one in case this very scenario arises for you [my wrap claims it can hold the weight of a 5 year old, so it really could come in handy, even with older kids ;)]

7. Walk very slowly, as to accommodate gimpy, to the ticket counter. Drop off suitcases. Whew.

8. Know it may hurt your husband's pride, but ask for a wheelchair.

9. Situate husband in wheelchair, place two year old on his lap, secure carry-along backpack on your back [baby is strapped in front]. Make your way to the security line.

10. Wish you wouldn't have worn flip flops.

11. Bang the wheelchair into a million poles and objects. Apologize to your husband.

12. Become something for which every people-watcher at the airport is thankful for.

13. Take off shoes, do the shuffle through security, helping Brent hop through, get shoes back on, return things to backpack, restrap backpack, re situate husband and toddler, pat baby on back, lean into it, and push on.

14. Realize your gate is the very last one. VERY LAST.

15. Heave ho heave ho. Probably  a half a mile.

16. Make it to gate just as they begin boarding. Dump off husband and toddler.

17. Power walk back to the nearest sandwich station to grab whatever $10 cold sandwich you can.

18. Power walk back to gate just in time to help your husband down the tarmac while making sure your toddler doesn't whack into the back of people because she's not paying attention.

19. Try to find a row that is open.

20. Remove backpack, unstrap baby, clorox wipe everything [ebola], strap in toddler, allow husband aisle seat so he can keep his leg out.

Congratulations. You've successfully boarded the plan. Now sit back, enjoy your peanuts, try to keep your children entertained and not screaming, and gear up for when you land!

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Hannah said...

You make it sound so easy! It's good to know I can refer to this if the situation ever arrises. Hopefully Brent's ankle is better and you have a less exciting time at the airport next time :)