because girls should learn how to be ladies...

…and because her mom wanted to throw a tea party. 

Back in September Blythe helped me make invitations for all the grandmas in her life and we delivered them. Then she got hand foot and mouth and that party had to be postponed. 

So a couple of weeks ago the rescheduled event happened! I didn't take very many pictures because we were too busy enjoying the company…and the scones!…and the muffins! 

It really was anything but fancy, but we did get to use my tea set that I got as a wedding present from some dear friends who used to play tea party with me when I was Blythe's age.

Blythe made placemats for everyone with crayons and stickers and a very creative spirit.

This is not a great picture, but the guest list included three great grandmas: [starting on the left, nearest Blythe] My grandma Ann and Brent's grandma Pat and grandma Hazel [who couldn't make it]. Then her adopted "Noanie"- our dear friend, Joanie.  And her two amazing grandmas: [on the right]: Brent's mom, Joan, and my mom, Sharon.

The generation on the left is so wonderful. I love chatting with all of them and it was so fun to sit around the table and hear their stories and share their love for my daughter[s]. Becks joined us for a "little minute"

Our house is not super large, and as you can see our kitchen table is quite small. Yet I'm always glad when I ignore the size of the space and invite people to fill it anyway. The card table worked just fine, and the table cloths [oooh-la-la] helped conceal the mis-matched nature of it all.

I have wonderful memories of my grandmothers, and like Blythe, was fortunate to know FOUR GREAT grandmothers. I cherish their pictures and the stories that are told about them. My parents did such a great job of letting them spend time with my sister and me and, even though I was a snarky little thing, very few things brought them greater joy.

I want to provide that for these wonderful women.

But more than that, I want to provide that for Blythe and Becks. I want them to see motherhood and sacrifice and love at their finest. I want them to learn about the 60s and 70s, and the 30s and 40s [!!]. I want them to respect and revere older women, and see what they have to offer.

And I want them to learn how to sip tea and eat scones on a dreary morning.
I want them to learn to be ladies.

Our little party didn't last long, and Blythe was surprisingly a little shy while sipping her tea hot chocolate, but it was wonderful to open our home and drink tea with some of the best women I know. And I'm already planning for another one in the Spring!

[Also, a friend of mine suggested I host a tea for some of our adult lady friends. After hearing Blythe's grandma's talk about all the wonderful tea they've had in their lives, I think I may just have to take her up on the suggestion!]

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Hannah said...

I love tea parties! I love that Blythe had a little tea party with her grandmas. It's so special that you all live close to them so she is able to grow up knowing and learning from them. I'm sure they all love seeing her [and Becks] grow up too! Also, that tea set is the sweetest! It makes me want to get one and have a tea party! [it also makes me really wish I had a daughter].