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Twenty nine years ago today my beautiful mother in law delivered her last child into this world. Like most mothers and fathers 29 years ago, they had to wait for that first glance to see if it would be a son or daughter joining their family. They were prepared with a boy name, but could not think of a girl name.

She had to have a c-section because his sister before him was breech [trouble from the start ;)].
And then his first cry.
7 pounds 14 ounces, 21 inches of baby boy.

Bret William. That was the plan. Four letter name just like all his siblings. No extra letters, per his dad's request ["It's not Bret-T."]
But the Royals had just won their first World Series behind George Brett and Bret Saberhagen, and every boy in every hospital in the greater Kansas City area was being named Brett.

Brent it was.

And his parents brought him home to his older three siblings and they loved him.
And they prayed for him.
And they prayed for his future family-- his wife, his children.

And the raised him in the Word.
And they gave him a sense of humor.
And taught him how to shoot hoops.
And hit a baseball.
And throw a spiral.
And respect.
And compassion.
And a gentle spirit.

And then they released him to the world; gave away what the Lord had entrusted to them for a time.

And our home began.
And we had babies.
And we laughed.
And we cried.
And we learned.
And we grew.

And we celebrate birthdays together every year. We look back and we are thankful for another year to get to know one another more; thankful for another year to spend in each others company.

After having babies of my own, I think about his real birth day and the love he was born out of and into. And I think of him as a little newborn, pink and all limbs and fingers, taking in the world around him. I wonder if his parents knew then the great person he would become? Did they know he would be a great father to his own new bundle someday? Did they know he would be humble and kind, and seek God?

Probably not. They were probably scared and excited in all the ways new parents are, and one day at a time they helped guide and shape Brent into who he was when I met him.

And now, at age 29, he just keeps getting better.

Happy birthday, Brent William. We love you so very much.

In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.
Isaiah 30:15

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Brent said...

Ahh, Love you Kelsey. Thanks for this!
1) I had forgotten what my weight/length was (it has been so long ago :) 2) You always can put me in places with your writing and the moment I was put in the hospital with my parents around, who'd be around our age now, with baby me was surreal. 3) Finally, is it just me or do I see a little Blythe expressions in my 2/3 yr old pictures...and Beth is wearing a Henry-type ornery smirk in the picture where we were having a slip-n-slid or something.

Melinda Moss said...

You guys look like each other! I thought that was only supposed to happen after you got old!!! I guess you two are ahead of the game in yet another way. Happy birthday Brent and I loved this post Kels.