cupcakes and a two year old

I mentioned that Blythe turned two this past weekend. I didn't really feel up to doing a big shin-dig, nor did I think she really needed a big shin-dig. 

So we just had a little thing Sunday night with my side: cupcakes and ice cream, then headed to Brent's folks Monday evening with his side and his mom made a great supper and I brought cupcakes and ice cream. It was fun to watch people enjoy our sweet Blythe. 

She's so big…but still has such a small amount of hair! :)

I did make a few cupcake toppers, but that was the extent of it. I wrote a little sign and hung a picture Blythe drew. Voila. Done. :)

The entire time we sang to her she looked around and made some serious faces at us.

But boy did she know what to do with those cupcakes. And she knew the right people to ask for more.

She had a few presents to open, and this is such a fun stage because I think she would have sat and played with each thing for 30 minutes or more, but we had to keep her moving.

And her great grandpa A.J. MADE her her own rocking chair for our front porch! It matches the ones he made for Brent and me a few years ago. She LOVES it!

Oh, and we gave her a swimming suit which she immediately wanted to put on…so we let her. And then the next day? She wanted to wear it again. Somebody is ready for summer! This girl LOVES to swim!

Then it was to Brent's parents. I hope this little girl will one day understand just how lucky she is to be surrounded by family…and that she got to share her early birthdays with FIVE of her GREAT grandparents. I knew many of my GREATS as well, and cherish the pictures, videos, and limited memories I have of them. I pray she will too…or that they just go ahead and live until they are 140. Either way. 

She knew the gig this time, and soaked up the attention during her birthday song. Mainly she was ready to dig in to that cupcake.

Brent's very talented mother made her this beautiful coat out of scraps she had left from the bridesmaid dresses she made for my wedding [which looks orange in this picture but is actually coral]! She only needed to measure for the buttons! It is SO sweet and I can't wait to parade Blythe around in it let Blythe wear it!

It was a very, very happy [low key] second birthday with most of her favorite people present. 
We love this growing girl so much, and are excited to watch her learn and develop and become a big sister over the next year. 


Now, the story wouldn't be complete if I didn't warn a few parents out there:
Let me recap something for you: 
Sunday night Blythe had lots of cupcakes and ice cream because "Oh, it's not gonna hurt her!" It was her birthday… let her live a little, ya know? 

Monday around noon we headed to a little reception/banquet for my dad's retirement. Guess what? There was cake. Guess what? Blythe charmed her way onto people's laps and ate about two more pieces, give or take. 

Monday evening she begged and smiled and we celebrated some more and she ate even more cake and ice cream.

On the way home she was fussin' and I just assumed she was tired because it had been a lot. 
At two in the morning when my perfect sleeper woke up crying, I knew. I just knew. 
So Brent and I spent well over an hour giving her a bath and doing laundry in the middle of the night. It was the first time she's ever thrown up. She was totally fine after. 
Cake. Lots and lots of cake. 

Parents, don't let them tell you it's no big deal. :) Or at least don't be a dumby like me and not think, "Ohhh, 24 hours of straight cake might not be a good idea?" 

The next day she had her two year appointment and had to get shots and have blood drawn. Thumbs down. She did well though. And is totally healthy. 

And now I spend my days with a TWO year old. And I LOVE it! This is my favorite age. Challenging? Demanding? Sometimes incredibly frustrating? Yes. Yes. Yes. But I LOVE it. 

But seriously… don't let your two year old eat cake for 24 hours. 

*Also, this was my due date two years ago. Blythe was 5 days early.

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*carrie* said...

Glad you enjoyed the birthday celebrations. (Minus the aftermath, however--we had a similar situation with ice cream last year. Won't make that mistake again!)

MW Photo said...

Ah, your girl just melts my heart. Especially in the second picture and the one from (I'm assuming) your dad's reception - that face! It is so very KID and no longer baby!! She is THE CUTEST and THE BEST. I can't wait to see her as a big sister.