letting freedom ring

A few years ago I wrote this about my deep appreciation for the freedom we celebrate on the Fourth of July. This year was no different. 

Kali and her rambunctious and wonderfully awesome crew were here for the week to celebrate with us, and celebrate we did. 

Kali's middle child, Ellie- she will be 3 in a month. 

My dad got out the turkey decoys to play with and Blythe was in heaven, of course

Blythe wasn't so sure about the "food" Caroline had made. Caroline is Kali's oldest and she will be 5 in two months. 

Brent and Dan, my sister's husband. These two L.O.V.E. each other. Like, a lot. It's kind of great. 

Playing in Papa's hunting blind. It became Laura Ingall's central. 

Uncle Dan has some practice at loving little ladies.

And then the children throwing commenced...

Papa didn't quite get the air that Dan did

This little lady will steal your heart rather quickly… 

I mean, really…. just give her whatever she wants… 

They may look bored/exhausted, but they were just enjoying the campfire and sunset and snuggles

And then we tried to take a family picture…this was about the best we got. We will have to try again next time. 

A very happy Nana and Papa with all their grandkids: Becks, 2 months; Ellie, almost three; Caroline, almost 5; Blythe, almost 2.5; and Wesley, 11 months

Yes, my dad is serious about that American flag shirt. 

A better one of Kali's children...

A better one of my children/ Caroline choking Wesley and Becks sliding off of Ellie's lap

Becks' first tri-corn hat experience. I'm sorry, daughter, but it won't be your last.  And those eyes? 

A backyard picnic at its finest. And I do mean finest. My Grandma knows how to throw a backyard party [as those of you at my wedding can attest to]

And then my dad gathered all the great grandkids and talked to them about what the Fourth of July stands for and why we celebrate it and the history of our flag. 

Blythe just really wanted him to shoot the gun. Don't worry, it wasn't loaded. And Sawyer really wanted that flag. 

My grandma got all the kids little flags/ eye poking devices

We had a great week and had a beautiful night to celebrate the Fourth with family in one of my favorite backyards.

Can't wait for next year! Hope you all had a great Fourth, however and wherever you chose to celebrate.

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Kyle said...

Good job Kels. Some of those are killers!


Melinda Moss said...

Love this!! Especially the children throwing pictures. How do you keep from having a heart attack, exactly? Makes for great pics if you can stand the strain. But I'm an OLD GRANDMA now. :D :D :D I guess I'm supposed to worry about that stuff now!