Wreaths on Walnut: A Giveaway!

If you've ever been to my house, then you have been greeted by this beauty: 

I absolutely love this wreath. I used to change out my wreaths for the seasons, but then my friend Tiffany made this one for me and bada-bing, bada-boom, I love it too much to bother taking it down to switch it out for seasonal ones… though don't you think this one would be so pretty at Christmas time?

But enough about my door! Let's talk about this gorgeous swag my wonderful friend Tiffany makes that should be on YOUR door! 

Tiffany and I grew up together. In junior high we went to the same slumber parties and youth group, I rode horses with her and freaked out in her pasture when we had to "round up" the cows, and in high school we spent hours upon hours upon hours on the softball diamond and basketball court together. Then she married a good friend of mine, and they had two awesome boys, and then she and I became stay at home moms in the same small town and God knew I needed her for some extra sanity in my life. 

And then all of a sudden this secret talent of hers exploded in the best kind of way. She made a couple of burlap wreaths, people were interested [as they should be], and Wreaths on Walnut was born! 

There is absolutely no limit to what she is capable of creating! 

Every once in awhile I will get a text from Tiff with a picture of a BEAUTIFUL wreath and she'll ask, "I feel like this needs something else or something? Suggestions?" 
But they are always perfect. 

Also, can we all just take a moment and agree that ever other letter besides "I" looks so much cooler?  [I know, I know, I've complained about this before 

I absolutely love the sports/team wreaths she has done. Every single one she makes I can think of about five or six people they would be perfect for ! What about you? I think this is the perfect gift for some families on your list that may be a little tricky to buy for, but may be huge MU fans…or KU, obviously [As Blythe would say, "Go HawkJays!"]. [Oh, please let's not fight on the blog! ;)] 
But seriously, are these not perfect gifts?!?! 

Cardinals    or    Royals?

Missouri   or    Kansas?

Kansas City    or     Dallas? 

Or, if you're from around here:
Red tractor    or     green?
She also has a ton of Christmas wreaths to choose from, if you just love to get in the spirit: 

I also really like this little "rustic" wreath she made with vintage mason jar lids: 

This year she also added this super cool burlap trees to her resume: 

She really does some incredible things, and can customize just about anything. Like this incredible wreath she made for a military family. I just think, if Brent were away serving our country, I would be super proud to hang this puppy on my door while waiting for him to return: 

 You really should just go check out her Facebook page and scroll through the pictures and get an idea of what she could make you. She has some great ones for each season or holiday. I also think some of these would be cute in a kid's room. Is that just me? The cost on each wreath varies, based on cost of materials and the time involved in the intricacy of the designs.  I think I need the one on the right, next: 

 And now for the good stuff! Tiffany is giving away a beautiful winter wreath for one lucky winner:

I really love the simple beauty of this wreath. I also love that it isn't strictly "Christmas" because, if you're like me, you tend to get lazy and like when your decorations can span a little bit longer period of time. 

 You have up to three opportunities to
enter for a chance to win this wreath:
that means, if you do all 3 things, your name will be entered
not once, not twice, but THREE times

Leave a comment on this blog or on the link to 
this blog saying which wreath you love the most or 
which wreath you would love to gift someone

*LIKE Wreaths on Walnut on Facebook [AND tell me
in your comment that you liked it so I can count it]

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Until January 1st, receive 10% off of your order to Wreaths on Walnut if you mention this blog post when you order. 

I can promise you two things if you purchase an order from Tiffany: 
1. She will be awesome to work with. 
2. You will get a beautiful wreath. 

Oh, and 2 1/2. If you are local you will get your wreath delivered to you by not only Tiffany, but by two of the cutest wreath delivery boys you've ever seen. 

If you aren't local, just mention it when you talk with her and she has an additional shipping cost because the dang post office doesn't think it is wise to let us ship things like wreaths for free. I do, but they don't. 

Now go show Tiff some love and enter to win the winter wreath! 

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Brooke Estes said...

1. My favorite is the red & grey burlap one at the beginning of this blog (second pic). SUPER cute! My next favorite would be the Cards wreath. I have a husband who would LOOOVE that (even as a boy)! :)
2. I like the fb page.
3. I am following your blog.

3 entries for the win, Kelsey!

Hannah said...

I have always admired that wreath of yours when I see it in pictures. And then I wish I could make one like it. And then I saw all of the wreaths your friend makes and wow!! They are all so pretty! :) How fun that you get to showcase her work..

Sarah Whigham said...

I like the one with a "Y" and bow, and I liked her FB page. 2 entries for the drawing!

Sam said...

They are all wonderful but my favorite is chevron and polka dots.

Sam said...

I liked her Facebook page.

nelson said...

I love the burlap with red and gray chevron, but I also love the Mizzou and Royals! They are all awesome!!!

I also liked her Facebook page and follow your blog :)

Lisa Swab said...

I really like the fabric wrapped wreath. I liked the facebook page.

Regan said...

1. I really like the blue with sunflowers and the one with red flowers...mums?

2. I have liked Tiff's FB page.

3. It took me a while, but I figured out how to follow your blog on Google.

I feel accomplished tonight.

Director said...

I love the Royals wreath and the Christmas ornament one as well! Either of those would look amazing on my front door! - Carrie

Anonymous said...

One that I may pick is the simple wreath.
heather hgtempaddy@hotmail.com

Jillian said...

I love the chevron one with red letter in middle! Such a great giveaway!! Fingers crossed!

Jillian said...

And I've liked her page on Facebook :)

Anne said...

I love all her versions of the winter/Christmas wreaths! So much fun.

Also I liked her page and followed you on GFC. Woo hoo for giveaways!! :-)

Jillian said...

and i believe i finally figured out how to follow your blog! wahoo! you can't see that option on a mac!