a wedding, a honeymoon, and a move to kentucky...

Yes, I know... a lot has happened and I have been absent from blog world. I hope to change this soon enough [soon enough being when I get internet hooked up at the new apartment :)]. Right now I'm up at the church in Brent's "office" [cubicle], while he is "working" [playing basketball]. We are getting settled in [unpacking, unpacking, unpacking]. The wedding was absolutely perfect [in my mind], and Colorado was wonderful [we were up in the mountains and it snowed one day!]. The move has been exhausting but exciting, and Kali even made the trip up to visit this past weekend, which was absolutely great and she helped a TON! We made my first major "I'm-a-big-kid-now" run to the grocery store, and I'm realizing more and more the price it costs to be "a big kid." Yuck.

I promise I will write A LOT more later [pictures maybe too! Although I still don't have a camera so pictures of the apartment will have to wait].
I just have to let out one vent from the move: WHY IN THE WORLD does EVERYTHING have to have a sticker on it? Seriously! I think I have spent about 14 hours picking, scratching, peeling, and goo-b-gone-ing stickers: labels, pricetags, "originally hand crafted-s" etc! Whew...it's a tough job! :)

Lest I leave a few of you unsatisfied, here are a few shots from the wedding: [the first 3 are from when we saw each other before the wedding/pictures]

I like this one of Scot, Brent, and Hawkins intently watching me walk down the aisle [Derek, however, seems to have other interesting things to view].Here we are during the ceremony -- instead of a unity candle we did a "sand thing" instead.


The Wedding

Just wanted to say that the wedding is still on for outside. Maybe a little windy, but sun sun sun! Thanks for the prayers :)

Maybe spray some bugspray around your ankles....

more later.


2 Wal-Marts and 1 Hy-Vee Later...


Thanks for the concern. Long story short: I mentioned I bought the "Twist Up" at a Wal-Mart yesterday, only to come home to mom saying, "Did you get DIET?" Which, of course, I had not, as she had not mentioned this before. So today it was back to the previous two Wal-Marts, hoping they had got some new shipments in. The diet "Twist Up" was found at the second Wal-Mart... well, 9 bottles of it, the last of which mom probably bruised up her arms climbing up the shelf to get from the back. There was one more WAY in the back, and mom was working herself back there and Kali was nice enough to say, "I'll pay for the real stuff!" So the "twist-up" was secured. But pineapple juice? Are you kidding me...no where in sight!

Off to Hy-Vee... FINALLY!!!

Whew. Thanks for the concerns :)

[My friend, Micah, treated me to a day at the spa today--pedicure, manicure, and full body massage! Wow. What a treat. Thanks SO much Micah!]


what has happened to all the pineapple juice?!!?

Mom and I have been trying to get all of the ingredients for the punch on Saturday [yes, the wedding is Saturday...can you believe it!]. We went to two Wal-Marts last Saturday--- the first one only had one of the three ingredients, Cranberry Juice, but not enough. The second had the rest of the Cranberry Juice we needed, but still no [off-brand] 7-Up or pineapple juice.

Today I went to yet ANOTHER Wal-Mart... this time I DID find "Twist Up"[you'll never know the difference, I promise]. I then went to the juice aisle only to find 2 more EMPTY shelves where the pineapple juice was supposed to be. I found someone and asked them to check in back, but no such luck there either.

I can not figure this out! Where in the world has all the pineapple juice gone?!?

[Other then this minor detail, wedding things are falling into place quite nicely-- the forecast even called for sunny skies today :) ]