Five Months of Blythe

First I need to wish this little babe a very happy birthday! THREE years old! We love you, Caroline. 

Blythe Kathleen is growing and changing, giggling and squirming, and making our lives more abundant every day. She just turned six months 4 days ago, so I need to get her five month pics posted now :). I would have done this sooner but my days lately have looked a lot like this:

Bus ride to game
Softball is gearing up for post season play, and we are having a successful time so far. I am really thankful I decided to continue coaching this year. The girls are wonder, if time consuming :). 

Now, the main event. Her "official" five month photo shoot which I chose to do too close to nap time… nevertheless, you'll notice one of her new skills right away:

She can't pull herself up to sit yet, but she can definitely support herself for a long time when I put her in this position. 
She is a very content baby, and is now smiling when she recognizes people. However, she can be a pretty mellow girl too and won't dole out smiles too freely then. My mom just LOVES when she is being serious and won't smile at Nana [she doesn't take it personally AT ALL ;)]

She was mesmerized by the bow and yanked and pulled it to the point that it came off in the washing machine! Someone will have to help me sew it back on before our next month's shoot!

She quite often has her mouth open like this when watching people try to make her laugh :) I love it! 

Growing big! We have her 6 month appointment next week and I'll find out what she weighs then. 

Can you tell it is nap time? Such a sweet little face. She is still taking 3 naps a day: roughly 1 1/2-2 hours in morning and afternoon and anywhere from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 in evening and then about 10-11 hours at night! She is a peach. 

This was a hard picture to get…she DOES NOT stay on her tummy for more than 3 seconds now…she will remain on her back as long as I leave her there though because she doesn't want to roll to her stomach. She may never crawl. Ha.  
Brent's mom, Joan, made this incredibly wonderful jacket when her first granddaughter was born nearly ten years ago. It is a patchwork of handkerchiefs of the women in the family: grandmothers', great greats', and greats'. It is just a little big on B right now, but I love it so much! What a neat piece to pass down from generation to generation! 
And….nap time. 
 And as always, here are some other pictures I captured throughout the month on my phone or camera. 

This is the one picture I've taken where I think she looks a little Schoony [my mom's side of family]. Anyone agree?

Brent loves her Under Armor outfit, even though it makes her look like a boy. :) And she adores her Papa.

Asleep at softball tournament [and no…that is not a bruise on her head…it's been there since she was born]

When she is about to cry she gives us this look…how could we NOT give her what she wants?! 

She is looking up at her daddy. She is head over heels for that guy. She prefers him over me, and I love that. 

Showing off her new skill.
Seriously adorable. 

With her Great Grandma Hazel and second cousin, Sierra.

Just playing

We've taken a lot of walks lately. The cooler evenings have been perfect…and are great opportunities for Blythe to wear her leg warmers! 

And if you don't think this is cute…something is wrong with you. 

With Paige and Torri's cat, Mia. 

At football game

A lot of this has been going on lately as well…darn teeth won't just come in already.

All dressed up for church

She is awesome during the service

Enjoying these beautiful fall days outside

She loves her carseat

She gets to spend a lot of time with her Stacy while I'm at softball practice. 

I'm pretty much done with her baby book as far as I can…can't believe we're almost halfway through her first year

Those eyes...

A rare moment she fell asleep on me. She likes to sleep in her crib. 

Oh my goodness, gracious

She loves, loves, loves her bath. This is usually Brent's time with her in the evening and he said the other day, "I could seriously do this [watch her in the tub] forever." 

Her first trip to a nearby town with a large Amish population. 

 Blythe, we love you so very much. Thank you for blessing us with your presence. Love, Mom and Dad