I was looking through some older posts recently and I enjoyed walking down memory lane so much I thought that today I would just post a few links to some older posts for you all. I know several of you have followed my blog faithfully from  the start-- and by several I mean my family--, but others have trickled in over the years or even recently. So here are some old posts, in no particular order:

State Champs: This one is a bit more recent, just last fall: I write about the time I got to coach a team that won state! 

Letters from my students: Letters my students wrote me after I had Blythe

The resurrection: I write about a funny moment in my classroom… with a sermonic twist at the end [as Brent would say]

Perspective: I write about the time a tv show gave me a little perspective on teaching, and on how to be a more compassionate person in general

Reflection: I write a reflection on my first two years of teaching

First Realized I was Grown Up: I write a little piece about becoming an adult

Tired old Town: I write about a place a grew up, and great literature

Unwritten: I write a poem for my daughter [I remember writing this and posting it from my phone-- the first and only blog post I have ever done like that-- while nursing Blythe. That is why there are a few capitalization errors etc] 

What I Come From: I write about my heritage

Under a Streetlight in January: I write about one of the most romantic wedding ceremonies I've ever heard about

Short Story: I write a short story … or attempt to write a short story. I am not a great short story writer. 

Missing Home: One of my first blog posts-- as a senior in college, I write about missing home 

My Fear: I write a poem about one of my greatest fears 

Noticed: I write a piece about my sister

Blythe's Birth Story: I write about Blythe's entrance into the world

Our Love Story [it is almost Valentine's day after all…and tomorrow marks TEN YEARS since Brent first had the guts to say, "I like you" and we started dating] : This is long- I wrote it over the course of several years-- and it isn't perfect, but I wanted to record it for us, but mainly for our kids to have a record of someday. So here I write the story of me and Brent, from awkward, teenaged beginning, to beautiful, wedding dress day end…which is really the beginning, right? 

I doubt anyone will actually reread all of those. But I had fun! And hey, some of you have been cooped up due to snow all week and may just be bored enough to read a few of them ;)

Happy weekend!
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