baby bump #2: week 27

Blythe, sneaking in to the picture with her mullet

This makes me laugh so much.
Also, HELLO baby! 

Dear baby,

This was a fun week for me to be your mama.

First, you gave me a little gift. I've been waiting for your hiccups, as it is one of my absolute favorite parts of pregnancy [oh, you thought it was was the leg cramps and the bloody noses? Sorry, you were wrong ;)]. And sure enough, on February 5th, I sat down for a minute right before your sister woke up from her afternoon nap. I thought, "Hmm, I feel the baby's heartbeat…" and then realized that that isn't something I can feel…"OH! Hiccups!!" I just cherish it because it is such a human little thing for you to be doing in there. It really makes me feel like I'm holding my baby, YOU, close. So keep 'em up [unless they are uncomfortable for you?].

The other thing that happened was a tea party with your sister. We spread a quilt out on the living room floor, poured water and a little sugar from a real tea set, and shared animal crackers. What does this have to do with you? It just made me dream a little about our days ahead-- about days with TWO girls sprawled across a quilt in our living room, pouring each other tea and giggling. I know there will be times you and Blythe don't get along, but I also know that having a sister is a precious gift, and I so look forward to watching you two grow into that gift.

In other news, you are getting bigger by the minute I think! It seems that all at once it is difficult for me to bend over to put on shoes or pick up toys, and my energy is a bit more zapped. All in all though? So worth every minute.

Before I go I have to tell you a funny story about your daddy. The other night I wasn't sleeping the best and tossed and turned a bit. I got up to use the restroom and when I crawled back in bed I sneezed.  Not a big deal. However, your dad, waking up upon the sneeze, sat straight up in bed and kept asking if I was okay. I kept saying, "I just sneezed, I just sneezed…" but he was panicked and kept saying, "What happened? What happened?" The next day in the car I sneezed and teasingly said to him right away, "It was just a sneeze! I'm okay!" He's just concerned [and was partially asleep], but it was pretty funny.

We are getting more and more excited everyday, and your dad gets to feel your movements more now too. In less than three months you'll be in our arms. We love you.

Love, Mom

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*carrie* said...

Blythe with a hand on her belly--adorable!

Pink Pamalamma said...

You look so beautiful. :) And Blythe mimicking your hand-on-belly pose is too cute!

Hannah said...

oh, you are so pretty! And that little picture of Blythe is too cute! I love how she has her hand on her little belly! I love how you have tea parties with her, it makes me want a little girl!