Yesterday in my class we were doing a little review game. And here is how one moment in particular went down: [note: names have been changed…obviously… I will from here forward go by "me." :)]

Me: Write down an example of a literary device…
students scribble furiously in expo markers on their desk. [carol, this is awesome. thanks for the tip.] I think to myself: Keep this in mind…they will really participate if I can make them feel like they are defacing property.
Me: Alright, Johnny, what did you come up with?
Johnny: Personification-- giving human qualities to nonhuman things.
Me: Excellent. The next thing we need to talk about is that you know how to write a good summary. This is how I always think of it: A good summary is like a good mini skirt-- too short, and it doesn't cover enough; too long, and it's just boring!
Students: laughter and giggles
Me: Note to self: use the miniskirt analogy again.
Me: Alright, next on the list: Literary elements. I want you to think of "To Kill a Mockingbird" and everything we talked about. Write down as many things as you can remember. GO!
students again scribble frantically on their desks. I walk around and see things such as "plot, foreshadowing, symbolism, characterization, internal conflict…" and think to myself, "excellent…they remember the big stuff…"
Me: This looks great. Now let's see if you remember all the parts of the plot. What is the beginning part of a story?
Susy: The exposition!
Me: Perfect. And what four parts make up the exposition?
Madison: Conflict.
Marcus: Characterization.
Mo: Background knowledge.
Me: And one other thing? Who has it?
Henry: Setting! Boom! Nailed it!
Me: Yes, great job. Now remember setting is not just place but also the TIME the story takes place. Alright. The next part of the story is…?
Random shouting from the right side of the room: RISING ACTION!
Me: And the highest point of tension in the story?
Sam: The climax.
Me: And after the climax?
Margie: The falling action.
Me: And the last part of the story where everything is wrapped up?
A girl in the back of the room nearly jumps from her seat, hand in the air, and shouts: THE RESURRECTION!!!
Me: laughing Well, my dear, that actually takes place on Sunday…
She starts laughing and corrects herself: Oh…hahaha… I meant the resolution!

end scene.

As Christians maybe we are allowed to call the end of the story the resurrection…and what a good ending it is! It is a story filled with conflict, and tough characterization, and a pretty intense climax… but the ending…oh that glorious ending! He is RISEN! He is RISEN INDEED! And by His wounds we are HEALED.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.


*carrie* said...

That's a cool story, Kelsey, to emphasize the amazingness of THE Story. Happy Easter!

Brent said...

read your blog…liked it lots.

Ana-Lou said...

Hey Lovely, That was depicted so wonderfully! we were able to hear the story and THE STORY with Awe and Wonder!