what i come from

There is a blogger that is doing a "blog every day in September" deal,  and she doles out the prompts. I doubt I'll participate everyday, but I may jump in from time to time. Her first prompt was "what I come from." 

I come from tea parties on a quilt from the farm and catching lightening bugs at dusk in a field.
I come from chores on Saturday morning, church twice a day Sunday and once Wednesday, and family dinners around a table.
I come from "say 'No, thank you', not 'Ewww, gross!", and whispers of "I love you," and falling asleep to "Amazing Grace."
I come from hand me downs and not entitlement; just-enough and not excess.
I come from sisters giggling in late night conversations and fighting over clothes and consoling one another in loss.
I come from pet squirrels and gutting deer, free throws and sweat, planting gardens, and hauling firewood.

I come from generations of curly hair and fervent followers of Jesus.
I come from farm hands and war veterans, highway workers, law enforcement officers and stay at home moms.
I come from sharing one bathroom and trying to mow the yard in straight lines.
I come from readers and thinkers, college-educated and high school graduated and self-taught.
I come from "don't buy it on credit", and "get glad in the same pants you got mad in", and "nothing good happens after midnight."

I come from small towns and big hearts; small bank accounts and giving hands.
I come from homemade cinnamon rolls, stories on the front porch, and listening to my dad's heartbeat instead of the thunder outside.
I come from make-believe and imagination, lemonade stands and speaking with respect.
I come from humidity, pool days, snapping beans, birthday parties, bible studies, and chicken grilled just right on a summer day.

What do I come from?
I come from something rich and something real.
I come from something that I pray one day my daughter says she comes from too.

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Mary Iedema said...

OOOOH Kelsey
That so touches my heart.

jenny said...

Beautiful Kelsey! And aren't you just a mini-Blythe!??

momiss said...

Blythe is a mini-YOU! lol

julie said...

Aww I love this! I didn't grow up quite like this, but it does sound a bit idyllic :)

I liked: "I come from make-believe and imagination, lemonade stands and speaking with respect."


bridger said...

Kelsey this is one of my favorite things I have seen you write. What a great piece that captures a lifestyle that some people will never understand and that others long to possess. I came from a lot of those places, too. Thanks.