baby bump #2: week 29

Laughing at the photographer [Brent].
Blythe was napping, hence her absence from this picture. 

I almost forgot to snap one this week, so technically this is pushing 30 weeks but shhhhh, she will never know.

Dear Baby,

Oh my sweet tiny girl! I'm getting to the point that I'm getting anxious to get things done to prepare for your arrival, and more and more anxious to hold you and get to know all about you. What makes you laugh? What makes you uncomfortable? And beyond that, what will your passions be in this life? Your daddy and I have been praying that you will be devoted, meaning that you are committed and passionate about what is most important to you-- and so I wonder what that will be? Ultimately we pray it stems from the heart of Jesus.

Our doctor's appointment went well, and everything is right on track, which is always such a blessing to hear. I also got a new gliding rocking chair to put in the corner of your room, but your dad loves it so much, it's currently taken up residence in our living room!

Other big news? Your room has officially been vacated! The nursery is now ALL YOURS. Blythe moved to her new room and big bed this week [she did great], and that means it is time for me to get all YOUR stuff out, wash the crib bedding, and hang up a few decorations that I made just for you. I can't wait.

I'll leave you with this funny story: I was helping out in the infant nursery at church this week, and was changing a diaper. I got the new diaper on, snapped the onesie, pulled the little guy's pants half way up, and then proceeded to stand him up to pull his pants up the rest of the way like I've gotten used to doing with your sister. I forgot, however, that 8 month olds have noodles for legs, and was left awkwardly holding him and trying to maneuver his britches up. How did I forget so quickly? When I relayed this story to your nana, she laughed and assured me it will all come back to me. For your flimsy little leg's sake, I hope so!

I love you, little one. I am cherishing your kicks and flips and jabs in my ribs. Truly. I love it. Ten more weeks! [?] Here we go!

Love, Mom 

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