baby bump #2: week 26

Dear baby,

I am growing more and more in love with you as you grow more and more inside of me.

This week we had our glucose test for gestational diabetes. When I was pregnant with your sister I didn't pass the first test, and I was really hoping we could pass this time. I drank the sugary drink, and you were movin' and groovin'! But the good news is: we passed! Hooray!

The doctor also said at our appointment that we were right on track, and she even commented and said that she doesn't think that you will be a huge baby, which is a nice thought. Please don't make a liar out of her.

I talked to Blythe a lot about you this week, and she said that she wants to sing you Amazing Grace, Rock-a-Bye Baby, and read you books. She said she wants to share her oatmeal with you too, but we may wait awhile for that.

One night I had some time to just stand by your sister's bed while she was sleeping. I prayed for her for awhile, and then I placed my hands on my stomach in the still of that moment, in the darkness of the nursery which will soon be yours, and prayed for you. I prayed for your health. I prayed for your safe arrival. I prayed for the four traits we've chosen for you: patience, purity, devotion, and integrity. But mostly I prayed that you would know the love of our Savior-- that your daddy and I can love you like He does, and that soon you'll learn all about Him for yourself. I prayed that Jesus would be your greatest joy.

The three of us are waiting for you, and we love you so much already.

Love, Mom 

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