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I always am kind of curious when and how a hobby became a hobby for a person.
You like to read? When did that start?
You sew? How did you learn? 
You run marathons? That's not a hobby-- it just means you're crazy. 

As I spend my days with Blythe, I am realizing that in these small moments, I am giving her opportunities to develop hobbies. I can already tell there are certain things she enjoys doing, and I don't know if it's because I've given her the opportunity to do them, or if she has a natural knack for them. Regardless, here are a few that I've captured time and time again: 
if you follow me on instagram or facebook, these will be redundant, but I keep up this blog, in part, to record our everyday so I wanted to post them here too. 

Give this girl her apron [or her "bib" as she calls it], a spatula, and a bowl of flour and she is set! 
Not only does she like to actually help me out when I'm making something, but she enjoys cooking up treats in her pretend kitchen too. 
She has started to bring me my "bib", and that's my cue we need to make something. 
Though, like my sister once said about her daughter, I think she may just be in it for the licks [but who isn't?!]

making THESE BARS for her daddy. wow they were awesome-- but in my 28 years of life I've learned that anything that calls for TWO STICKS of butter, is usually pretty good

she does like to help with other things around the house, but baking is definitely a favorite. we were making THESE MUFFINS this day 

her favorite ingredient is definitely flour. We were making THIS BREAD
Here she is helping me butter a stromboli we took to some friends for supper

"Working out"/Anything with a Ball
Now I know some parents just really want their kids to enjoy sports, but she really does. She's been to so many softball and basketball games that she knows what is going on. She loves "shooting around" at the gym- which means having someone else shoot and then she will either clap or say "MISS!" If she misses a basket, she says, "HEARTBREAKER!" 
She loves her bats and her ball glove. At least once a day she drags them over to me and we play for a bit. 
She also like "working out" with her daddy, but I think that's just because he makes it pretty fun for her.  And she likes doing ANYTHING with him! 

Sitting on Daddy's pull up bar. And she doesn't wear those pig pajamas all the time…I promise. 
You have to have the proper workout attire if you want to be a professional about it 

Attempting some sit ups

Some sliding-plate pushups. 

This girl LOVES her books. 
And this mama could not be happier. I can only hope that I can continue to instill this passion in her and that she doesn't grow out of it! 
So often I find her sitting in a room, thumbing through her books. She has some favorites, but rotates through them all. 

I love this one- she decided she didn't want to work out with Daddy this time, but still wanted to be near him…so she opted for reading a book while he worked out ;). That's my girl!

I think this is pretty typical of this age, but this girl has got the bug to CREATE! 
I never taught her how to properly hold her pencil, she just naturally did it that way. She can mimic/draw some basic things now, which is fun. 
Who knows, she may just be quite the artist when she grows up! 

one of my favorites…coloring, and telling stories… :) 

One of her favorite places is Papa's studio, and it's not hard to guess why! There are MILLIONS of paint brushes, and an endless supply of paints and paper…and a papa who can actually draw what she asks for: Elmo? You got it! Woody? Okay! I remember sitting on his lap in church and by the end of the sermon he'd have drawn me an elaborate scene of something or other… I didn't realize I was so privileged until later when I realized most people can't draw like that! 

Writing thank-yous at Christmas 
I should probably just invest in a booster seat, but when you have classic literature...

And there you have it: Blythe's current "hobbies" at age 22 months [she will be 2 in a little over a month and a half!]

What are your hobbies and when and how do you think you developed them? Any from when you were two that have stuck around?

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