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The other night Brent put Blythe to bed while I cleaned up supper, and then we settled in for a movie. Brent had splurged and bought a can of pop: Dr. Pepper. It was going to be a good night, indeed.

The place where I interject two side notes that have nothing to do with the point of this post, but you forgive me because the point of this post is silly anyway:

1. We very rarely have pop at our house. We both grew up without having pop at our house, and always thought it was a rare treat when we went to our friends' and their parents were all, "Help yourself to whatever is in the fridge!" and we'd open it and see two shelves full of a variety of pop. Are you kidding me? Heaven. We also both grew up intrinsically knowing that we weren't allowed to order pop when if we ever went out to eat somewhere. Water. Period. Maybe on vacation. Maybe. This has carried over into our adulthood. We just don't even think to buy it. So for a special date night in, on occasion, we splurge. 

2. Captain Phillips. This is the movie we watched this night and it was pretty great. If you weren't living under a rock in 2009, you probably remember when Captain Phillips was captured by Somalian pirates. That's what this movie is about. And Phillips is played by Tom Hanks. There is little to no 'bad' language, but obviously some intense moments, but it was really well done. We both enjoyed it. Even though at one point I said, "I think this may be putting too much stress on the baby." [But I said the baby's actual name… and now you wish you would have been sitting on that couch watching the movie with us, don't you!?]

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So there we were, watching a movie, sharing a can of Dr. Pepper, and eating some pie crust cookies I made [you know, when you have left over pie crust and you roll them out and smear them with a a little butter and then top that with cinnamon and sugar? Yum. We like to eat healthy in these parts.]

And that's when it happened:

I picked up the can of pop, glanced at it, and jokingly said to Brent, "Take your buddies."

He laughed, and then said, "We always said, 'Sip your river!'"

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You know that little rim around the edge of the top part of the can? You know how, when you're drinking, the pop can get left there if you don't intentionally make sure to slurp it out?

To high schoolers that is a big no-no. You see, high schoolers don't care about germs, or super-strands of the flu, or the latest news on the West Nile virus, let alone Mono. So they share drinks. A lot. But that is where their logic stops, because somewhere, someone read about how germy and gross left-over sips are to share. Which is why they apparently had to come up with sayings to combat this form of pop-drinking delinquency.

Therefore, if I were sharing a pop with a friend in high school, and she handed me the can with the remnants of her last drink still on the top, I would promptly reply, "Take your buddies," or "You forgot your buddies," or some variation. Apparently just a few miles down the road where Brent grew up, they were passing cans and making sure that the person before them "sipped their river" [which sounds far grosser, if you ask me].

Which leads me to my question, which has no relevance to anything significant but I'm simply curious:

Did you/do you and your friends have a name for this pop slurping atrocity? Please share.  I'm overly interested apparently. 

We actually had to pause the movie because "sip your river" caught me totally off guard and I was laughing so hard.

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Sam said...

I have never heard anyone refer to that before. I guess we don't share drinks enough!

David Dudeck said...

Haha, I grew up the same way, no pop in the house. And I guess my built in germs phobia kept me from ever sharing can of soda with someone. Sip your river makes more sense to me, if I was the one doing the naming....

*carrie* said...

That is bizarre. I have never heard of such a thing! And I haven't had pop in so many years I've lost count. Eric has a couple each week, so we always have a few kinds on hand, but we don't go through it very quickly, unless my parents are visiting. They drink a lot of Coke!

And I DO wish I was sitting on the couch--I always love finding out names!

We actually just watched that movie last week, too. SO INTENSE. I think I held my breath for half the movie.

julie said...

we always said, "Take your friends!" or some phrase that had something to do with "Good friends take their friends" or something like that.

Why? No idea. I think "Sip your River" makes way more sense :)