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In the fall I was contacted by a sweet lady from our previous church and asked if I may be interested in a new endeavor. I hadn't seen her in several months, and I was curious as to what I could possibly have to offer her.

So I called her up, and thus began a new journey for us both.

She has been a stay at home mom for nearly 20 years. During that time, she has also homeschooled all four of her children. A new opportunity was knocking at her door, so she knocked on mine.

You see, she still has two kids at home but had been approached about a new job that would take her out of the home every few weeks. Home-schooling Her kids are her priority, but this job just seemed to make sense. And then she thought of me, a former teacher now at home with a rambunctious two year old. Would I be interested? She wanted to know.

Here is what it boiled down to:
- Every third week I would go to their house from 8-12 to sub. I would make sure the boys stayed on task, would answer questions, walk them through lessons, and check their assignments so they could move on to their next subject. She said, "I'm very OCD about their school work…and then I thought of you! And I thought, She's OCD too!" I took it as a great compliment.
- I could bring Blythe with me…and the baby in the fall.

Interestingly, around the time she called me, I was in one of my downward swoops of missing teaching. I knew there was something in me that was made to teach, and I was just missing it. I wasn't thinking about going back full time or anything, but just missing it.

And then she called.

The only thing that didn't sound appealing was having to be out of bed, ready, and at their house by 8. :) You know me and sleep.

And now we've started. The boys are so wonderful. 7th grade. 4th grade. So well-mannered and self-motivated and just great kids. By the time I get to their house they have gotten ready, done their chores, completed their devotions, [put the dogs up for me!] and begun their first lesson. It's impressive to say the least. And their mom is so wonderful too, and organized, and makes it super easy for me to fill in.

And then there is Blythe. She's definitely the variable in all of it. She isn't quite used to me sharing my time, and she let's that be known! The boys have been gracious about it, but yikes. So this will be good for her too, since she will have to learn to do that. And the boys are great with her and like to play with her when they get to take breaks. She makes it a very busy time, and probably not as quiet as the boys are used to, but I think over time she will adjust. I also have a great friend who said that maybe she could have her over for a little "play time" once in awhile when I sub, which I think would be a nice break for Blythe, me, and the boys…maybe not so much for my friend, but … ;)

So here I am, starting a new journey that connects me with my old one of teaching. It's provided me an opportunity to tap into that part of me that was created to teach and be with kids. It's also given me an inside look into home-schooling done well, which I really knew very little about. And it provides me with a chance to earn a little extra cash, which definitely helps, especially knowing baby number two will be here shortly [like in a hundred days!].

I think it's incredible when God orchestrates things like this for us.

And there you have it, a new adventure for me.

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*carrie* said...

That's so neat, Kelsey. Sounds like a win-win!

momiss said...

YAY! Very happy to hear this since you have missed it so much. :D