I took some pictures of some people...

During fall and early winter I was busy snappin' some pictures for some people. I didn't know if they really wanted me to share before they got their Christmas cards out, but now I figure it's fair game. 

And just so you know, this is like the pop-up-video of a photo shoot. Enjoy. 

Of course this first little lady had to make the cut for just a few pictures: 

And then there are these ladies. Oh my goodness. I love them. When I was little their mom lived across the street and would come and play tea part with me all the time. And when she was just a baby [and one of THE cutest around, I might add], Avree spent her days with my mom. And then, when I was in high school,  Rylie came along and I got to spend my summers with these two. We had a blast [just don't ask about the time Rylie ate soap…].

And now they are like 25 years old and professional models, or something.

The light was so.stinking.awesome the day we took these…but don't be fooled, it was a chilly day [I was wearing gloves and a coat!] and these two were cuddling in between shots!

…and then we made Ry spit out her gum...

no photoshop here, you guys… I'm telling you…professional models

And then I got to do something really fun. We're just hanging out, snapping pictures, and I'm talking while clicking away like I always do… and that's when I told them the big news: that baby number two was on the way!! I started laughing at their response, which is why the shot is blurry, but they both jumped up and tackled me and I will always love this picture:

And then another truly lovely girl, inside and out, asked if I could shoot some senior pics for her. And I said, "But aren't you in junior high still?" and she said, "You're so old!"

Just kidding, she didn't say that because she is nice. I actually got to teach Laura her sophomore year, and it was a delight.

One last funny story about her: one day this year I was subbing. It was a softball game day, and the bus was leaving immediately after school. I had brought all my stuff with me…or so I thought. And there I was, changing into my coaching polo and shorts in the bathroom when I realize: Crap! I forgot my tennis shoes. I was wearing high heeled sandals. So I went into the hallway and who is the first person I see? Laura. Dressed in all camo for a homecoming dress-up day…but wearing tennis shoes. And cute ones.

"What size shoe are you?" I ask, jumping out of the shadows.
"Eight and half?" She says.
"Can I borrow your tennis shoes for the game tonight?"
She doesn't miss a beat and just starts taking them off and hands them to me.

She laughs when I hand her the heels, but slips them on over her socks. She even went to the bank that way!

She saved me. So of course I wanted to take her pictures! :)

Just look at her… you can tell she's a gem:

She also just donated all that lovely hair. And she loves Jesus.
And did I mention she gave me the shoes off her back [that doesn't seem like the right saying?]

She wanted me to get a few shots of her with her fire baton. It was essentially dark out when we shot these. It was a fun new challenge for me!

And then there is Matthew. It was funny because I shot these shortly after Laura's. She had approximately 24 outfit changes, and after the first picture I asked Matt if he wanted to change or anything. Of course not! I also got to teach Matt for a year and, fun fact, his mom is one of the reasons I went into English teaching in the first place! 

I had fun trying to get some smiles out of this serious dude!

And then I went to Nashville, and Kali paid me in ridiculously good food and snuggles with her children. Maybe that should be my going rate from now on?

I know they are a good looking family, but here is me being honest: They are extremely difficult to photograph. For one they have a two year old with unending energy and there is hardly a shutter speed that can capture her. They have a ridiculously  handsome new son…who urps on everything every two seconds. And a 4 year old who is either hot or very, very cold…and dramatic. And Kali and Dan are, well, a little awkward in front of the camera. [I love you.]

This day we packed up, headed to a park, and realized that we should have started shooting about an hour sooner because it was super overcast and I forgot they live right on the time-zone line. Also, picture Blythe running around doing whatever she wants behind me. There were a few times Kali wasn't looking at the camera, because she was concerned Blythe was going to run out into the street. Thank you, Kali. But Caroline was ON this day…so there is at least that.

this is one of those imperfect yet perfect photos I love. Ellie is doing…whatever Ellie is doing, Wes apparently just sneezed or something, Caroline is just posing, and Dan and Kali are like, "yep, this is our life!" 

And then Dan put Ellie in the tree…and she scraped her back up getting down…end of photo shoot.

…just kidding! Ellie is one tough cookie! Unless something is "scaayyeee" or "too yowd", then she's OUT!

I already posted a few of these, but in Novemeber we went to visit my college- roommate, Renae, and her fam. And we almost blindfolded them and threw them in the back of our van and brought them home with us. Next time. Shhhhhhhh….

I shot a few quick pics for them after church on Sunday for their Christmas card.
No, Jaden is not 6, he is just the biggest three year old you will ever meet.

And then there are these guys that Blythe and I get to hang out with from time to time. I think they will be her protectors and look out for her once they are all in high school. Or they will try and date her and we will run them off our property. Either way… they are awesome. :)

Let me tell you, these guys are cute. And super photogenic. But this day it was raining, so we were confined to the porch. My daughter was screaming. Then Westen would lose it. Then Wyatt, for no reason, would break down. It's a miracle we got any pictures, am I right, Tiff?

I think all that chaos, and still getting these pictures, goes to show how down right adorable these dudes are.

Then I buzzed over and took some pictures for their aunt and uncle.
Travis had sent me a message that went something like, "Melissa wants to take pictures… but we want Knox in them-- we will keep him on a very short leash and won't let go, we promise!"
They had seen me around dogs before.

So this was a first for me: a dog. A big one.
But look at this guy: he's like the prince of all dogs.

At one point I was trying to get him to look at me and I'm making extremely awkward noise, I'm sure [I'm not around dogs much, clearly]. And I said to Travis and Melissa, "What should I say to get him to look at me?"
And Melissa, to her credit without much condescension in her voice, says, "You could just say his name? Knox."

It was super cold, so this was the fastest photo shoot I think I've done to date [except maybe the one of the boys above, due to all the toddler drama that was occurring!]. But I have to say, for being cold and hustling around, these guys were like pros.

Then this sweet family asked for some photos, and who could resist this crew?
Honestly, hands down, some of the nicest people you could ever encounter.

Then it was time to take some shots of some more great people with their grandsons. It was almost high noon, so the sun was crazy, but when you're this cute, it doesn't really matter: 

And there you have it, some pictures I took to end 2013.

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momiss said...

They are all great but I think you got a couple of AWESOME shots of Kali & Dan's bunch. Very glad to see them. She looks amazing, btw. :D
And with the two little boys, the one where the younger one is looking at his brother is very, very sweet.