baby bump 2: week 25

I know this picture is terrible quality…but this week is documented so I'm using it! 

Dear baby,

Hey sweet one. We did it! We not only crossed the threshold into the third trimester, but we have less than one hundred days to meet each other face to face!

You're throwing me for a loop though because these weeks are going so fast I barely have time to snap a picture until it's almost too late. This week's picture had to be taken on my phone because we travelled over the weekend and I almost forgot!

You got to travel to the town where I went to college, and you got to "meet" some of my college friends, including two of my former roommates. One of them was getting a super special honor-- she got inducted into the hall of fame at our college. She was a crazy ridiculously good basketball player. Your sister didn't get to come with us, but I made sure to keep you warm and well fed while we traveled North. It was a quick trip, but it was a good weekend.

You're moving all the time now, and with each movement I can tell you've grown. Your punches are much more obvious now. Though I always feel the BEST during the second trimester, I definitely think that this is my favorite time. Though I'm a little much more tired, I love "seeing" you. I love that others can "see" you. I love feeling you. Getting bigger obviously has some adjustments, but it makes me happy knowing you're growing, and that I get to be a part of it.

I have yet to feel you hiccup, which was one of my favorite sensations last time. Also, if you must know, you've caused my belly button to force itself out quite far this week, and I think by next week it will be safe to say it has "popped." Last time I always put a bandaid over it when it got to that point-- very few things weird me out about being pregnant, but I really don't like the look of my belly button poking through my clothes. :)

I'll try to let this week and the time slow down a bit so I can soak up each week with you so close, but I really am looking forward to having you on the outside soon too!

Love, Mommy 

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