if i were to blog today...

If I were to blog today, I would write about the way my hands crack and chaff in the winter, and how not having a dishwasher has worsened the problem. But I would also write about how I secretly love this, because a weird "habit" I have is running my knuckles along my top lip, and I like the feel of the bump and scratch [that may sound weirder written out…].

If I were to blog today, I would write about how this bitter cold is making me almost homesick for Northwest Iowa where I lived for four consecutive winters while becoming a teacher, a lover of words, and part of a community I still hold dear. I would direct you to this post I wrote one cold January day back in 2008, just for a chuckle.

To remind you that the sunshine will come back…and that my daughter is adorable in any season.
If I were to blog today, I would write about how my stubborn nearly-two-year-old will hardly eat anything, but how last night she ate about two bites of chicken, some rice, AND a couple slices of pears and my heart hasn't stopped rejoicing. Stubborn booger. She's clearly not waisting away.

If I were to blog today, I would write about how I have always had issues with sensitive skin-- eczema, dermatitis-- since I was in late elementary. In the winter it is worse. It got better in college, and has mostly stayed under control. The doctor said it would get better with age. But yesterday I noticed I can't wear wool socks. What a bummer. My ankles were itching like crazy. I would write about how I've always dreamed of having smooth legs, but know it won't ever be a reality, and about how Brent and his friends used to call me "chicken skin" as a joke. It was HILARIOUS as you can imagine all jokes from cute high school boys to high school girls are regarding their looks.

If I were to blog today, I would write about my husband, and how incredible he is and how sometimes he makes me want to scream out of frustration because he is mumbling or because he gets distracted and forgets ALL the instructions, or how he still hasn't replaced the lightbulb above the sink [like that subtle reminder ;)], but mostly how he makes me laugh every.single.day, and how even though he has a scratchy beard I still want to hug and snuggle and kiss him, and how I know that every day he goes to work to let me stay home and how every day he goes to work he can't wait to come home to be with us girls. I love that man. I wish I were as selfless as that man.

If I were to blog today, I would write about how I'm currently reading the Divergent series and feel like such a cop-out for doing it. Do people realize it's like a 5th grade reading level? I'm nearly done with the second book and at times I love it and keep turning pages and other times I'm just trying to get through. Is it better than the Hunger Games? Which one came first? Do I even care? Will I see the movie? And then I learned the author starting writing these books in college and I realize I need to get on the ball with my life.

If I were to blog today, I would write about how my current insurance doesn't have maternity coverage. Which stinks. And how I'm debating if I should switch insurance, pay a much higher premium, but have coverage for when this baby comes and they slap me with an astronomical bill? But then I wonder if I can switch back to the insurance I have now after that, because I like it better overall? And then I would write about how much I hate dealing with money and insurance and how everything seems pretty out of my control anyway.

If I were to blog today, I would write about how much I love watching Blythe learn to play pretend. It's seriously the best, most hilarious thing. I played pretend until I was about 19 years old, so I'm excited she is picking up on it. I would write about how yesterday she was "shopping" and went to pick up some eggs, but instead pulled out a "fake" onion, pretended to take a bite, and threw it on the ground and made a disgusted face like, "How in the heck could someone think an ONION was an EGG!" And then proceeded to laugh at herself.

If I were to blog today, I would write about family, and how great it is to have family you like. I would write about watching my husband with my brother in law and how it feels so incredibly lucky that they genuinely enjoy time together, so much so that they'd rather take each other on a date than go with their wives.
Brent's Grandma Pat with 9 of her 14 great grandchildren…and two more on the way! 

But I'm not going to blog today. Instead I'm gonna finish a few chores, curl up on the couch with the end of my book [the one I'm not going to blog about today], and a blanket, and cross my fingers and toes that Blythe doesn't wake up too soon from her slumber. That is what I'm going to do today.

Maybe I'll blog tomorrow.

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MW Photo said...

your daughter IS definitely cute in any season :)

also, HOW ON EARTH does your insurance NOT cover your pregnancy? how is that legal? this might be TMI for the blog world (not that I care), but my birth control is now free (thanks, Obama) - how is this possible, yet your baby isn't covered?! I'm so confused and clearly appalled! I'll quit now before I go into a conservative's rant both of our dads would be proud of. :)

last, but not least, I am going to text you now. I neeeeed to see you and your sweet girl(s). and, of course, brent. :)