baby bump #2: week 22

I didn't have time/forgot in the rushing to take a "real" picture, so you get this "selfie" in the bathroom mirror this week

Dear baby,

22 weeks? I know time is a fickle thing, but man-o-man it sure is flying right now…and that is perfectly okay with me these days. To know you are growing and changing and healthy is all that I can ask for.

We've still been busy jumping around from place to place, visiting family that are still here for the holidays. Your cousin Caroline took a really long nap the other day: she must have thought she slept for months because when she woke up she came to me and said, "Kels, did you have your baby?!" I broke her heart when I informed her it would still be a few months.

You're back to waking me up a little in the night to make treks to the bathroom, but that is so minor, I don't really care. It never fails when I crawl back in bed your daddy asks, "Are you okay?" He's always looking out for us, that guy. I feel like every day you are showing yourself more and more, and even though bending over is getting progressively more difficult, I don't really care because I love having you with me every day.

We celebrated the new year this week. 2014! The year of YOU! I remember when the calendar flipped with 2012 and I knew it would be the year I met your sister and it seemed surreal. I didn't even understand then just how much that year would change me and our family. It is surreal again, and now that I KNOW how much a sweet baby will change us, I am even more excited for the year ahead: for getting to hold you in my arms and kiss your sweet face and watch you grow into your little personality. Oh what a year it will be with you in it! I'm so glad I get to be your mom on this journey.

It is really cold outside here, so stay warm and safe in there, little one. I'll try not to let my clumsy ways slip on the ice or trip over a toy your sister left out. I'll do my part to grow you-- you do your part and stay put!  I love you.

Love, Mom 

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