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I know it's not October anymore. Trust me, I've been outside. It's definitely not October.

But back in October Blythe and I took a week long trip to visit Kali and Dan, meet Wesley, and play with Caroline and Ellie. 

To say Blythe got some much needed time with her cousins is an understandment. Sheesh! She was loved and squeezed and bossed all over that house! 

It was a great time. And I don't want these pictures to "gather dust," so here are a few I just had to post from our time together. 

After Caroline instructed Blythe on proper bath paint etiquette ["DO NOT put the paint all the way down in the water, Blythe, or it will be RUINED!"], she was ready to roll with it. Ellie just considered Blythe her canvas, and Blythe was happy to oblige. 

Then it was time to go trick or treating. Kali and Dan live in THE BEST subdivision, and this is actually our second time trick or treating with them.

last year - 2012

Blythe enjoyed it more this year, and we may have even gotten the comment that they were the cutest three girls to be seen all night. [To which I respond…uhh, obviously! ;)].

Here was our Doctor, with a for real stethoscope [we don't mess around], Cinderella [who courtesies for a lady we passed when she said, "What a beautiful princess!], and a Bumblebee [who figured out quickly how to dive right in and say "trick or treat", or at least mumble the right syllables, and dig for candy].

they were supposed to be doing silly faces, and apparently a serious face on Ellie is silly….seems appropriate.

Blythe was all over those silly faces

the girls spotted the first trick or treaters of the night! Caroline makes sure to just glance out of the corners of her eye, as to not break character. 

We brought out the duck for one picture. He hung out with his dad and passed out candy…until he passed out. 

My camera acted funny while we were actually out, so this is the only picture I took. We were quite the entourage! 

That is one happy duck! 

It's always a treat* to go visit this crew. I know it will become increasingly more difficult as we add another child, but I hope we always make it a priority. 

Thanks for taking a trip back to October with me! 

*see what I did there? 

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Pink Pamalamma said...

Awww! They're all so adorable in their costumes! :)