baby bump 2: week 24

Dear Baby,

I have a hard time believing you are already this big! But I know it's true because I am starting to feel you kick up in my ribs a bit, and then I'll feel something squirm clear down on the other side, and I know you must be stretching yourself out day by day. Speaking of your kicks, they are even more fierce now, and I am loving it! 

Your sister will be moving out of your room, the nursery, very soon. This weekend you tagged along as I started to work on Blythe's big girl room, trying to vacate the other space for you. Though I'm leaving the nursery mainly the same, I plan on adding some little touches just for YOU and you alone. I'm starting to dream of laying you down in that crib-- the same crib your nana laid me in when I was a baby-- and I get even more excited about meeting you and learning all about you. 

she loves loving you

I had a dream this week about your delivery. It was really silly: Your dad brought me to the hospital because it was time, but they told me there wasn't any room inside, so they moved a bed out to the parking lot for me. And that is where I delivered you! From that point on your dad took you into his arms and I hardly got to see you, because he didn't want to share [this is probably fairly accurate]. I think that maybe this means I am nervous you will come too quickly, and that we will barely make it to the hospital in time and I will deliver you in the parking lot for real! Let's hope not! 

As crazy as the dream was, it really got me thinking about you even more: your arrival, your appearance…all the unknowns in our future. And I know even more know that I am so, so very excited to meet you and greet you [I guess even if it does occur in a parking lot!]. I love you so much. Happy end of the second trimester! 

Love, Mom

some extras from the "photo session"

this is what she does when we say "focus" 

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