baby bump 2: week 23

Dear Baby,

You keep growing and squirming more each day. I love it. I truly love having you with me all the time, and watching you grow. It is true that there are some things about pregnancy that are uncomfortable, but for some reason I can look past them and just be so grateful that I get to share in this process with you, my love. 

With this territory of the ever expanding belly comes the love pats from other people. They reach out to touch you. This really doesn't bother me, as I know they are just excited to get to know you too. 

Your daddy and I keep dreaming about our days with you, especially those first few months. You will seem so absolutely tiny to us, since your sister has gotten so big. Your dad is even looking forward to those still hours in the middle of the night, where he gets to hold you and rock you back to sleep after I feed you. Those were precious times to him two years ago, and he can't wait to do it again with you. 

"searching" for baby sister

We think we have settled on a name for you. I hope you like it. It's such a huge decision, you know, picking out a name for someone else for the rest of their lives. I know that you'll make the name yours though, and that your little personality will grow with it, and soon enough your name will just be synonymous with who you are. We like to keep your name a secret though, until your born, so that it is part of the excitement others get to experience when they hear of your special arrival!

I was dancing around in the living room with your sister the other day, and she decided we needed tutus. So she drug out two of them and there we were, both whirling and twirling to random songs in our tutus. In that moment I was so overwhelmed with happiness, knowing that you are another little girl to come dance along side me in days to come. 
Love, Mom 

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MW Photo said...

Gosh, I have got a BEAUTIFUL friend. You are GLOWING. And B is cute as ever, of course. Give baby Purple The Second some love pats for me - I promise not to squeeze and kiss your belly without permission. :)