baby bump #2: 21 weeks

Oh hey, guys… 
Sorry I dropped the ball around here, but I don't really care too much since we've been busy with family. Literally for two weeks straight Brent and I haven't spent an entire day at home because we've gotten to go hang out with siblings and cousins and parents and grandparents and eat lots of delicious food and play games and laugh and stay up too late and… yeah, not a big deal I missed last week's letter if you ask me ;). I did remember to snap a picture in the midst of all the chaos though- and I'm writing two letters this week. 

Dear baby,

Oh daughter, this week we celebrated the birth of our Savior and it was wonderful. This time of year always makes me realize anew how incredible it is that our God came to us in the form of a helpless infant, but feeling you squirming in there made it even more poignant this time around.

You may have heard the squeals of your many, many cousins [you already have eleven!]. I can't wait to see you running around with them and thrown in the mix of the beautiful family God has blessed us with.

I feel like this was the week you finally REALLY made yourself known. All of a sudden I look and feel very pregnant, but like last time I don't really mind too much, as it is just more of a reminder that you're there and you're real and now others can see evidence of your sweet presence when they look at my expanding belly.

I've had a harder time distinguishing kicks from you, due to my placenta being in the front, but it constantly feels like you're rolling around, and the sensation is wonderful. We love you, sweet daughter, and next Christmas will be even more magical with you as a part of it.

Love, Mom
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