a conversation, round ii

I've come to this blog to document a conversation between my husband and I before [see HERE for the true story of Whoppers]. Hopefully after reading this you'll understand why he seriously makes me laugh all.the.live.long.day.

Recently Brent put in a new shower in our bathroom in the mudroom. Yes. He put in a new shower, so this post will prove he is not only FUNNY, but also HANDY. Double bonus for this lady right here. Anyway, because it is a small shower, we were very limited on options and we had to get one that has clear glass, not  the speckled/variegated/flecked [you know what I'm trying to say] glass like I wanted. I didn't want the clear glass cause it gets all spotty from the water [yes, even though I don't care if my bed sheets look like THIS, I don't like spotty shower doors…double standard?].

Okay, so our shower door gets spotty, I mention the fact that I should get one of those squeegee things that cleans it…

Brent: No, we don't need one of those. Why don't we just treat it with Rain-X like you do on the car windshield? The water would just roll right off then.

Kels: That's actually not a bad idea! Wait…. did you see that on Pinterest or something? Are you a closet Pinterest-er?

Brent: Pshhh. Who needs Pinterest? I came up with that on my own! I'm gonna start my own pin board that's like the anti-Pinterest where you DON'T share your secrets.

Kels: huh?

Brent: Yeah. Like I'll pin something like:
"Just made a new recipe that would BLOW YOUR MIND…oh, but you can't have it!" 
Or "I got Sharpie out of my sweatshirt! Bet you can't do that, Sucka!" 
… "I turned my sunburn into a tan in TWO HOURS with ONE INGREDIENT!! But I'm not sayin' a word." 

I could tell his wheels were still turning, but I was laughing so hard at this point that I think he figured he'd stop while he was ahead. This proved that he actually does understand Pinterest enough to make fun of it, though.

We may have to try this Rain-X thing though, and apparently if it works I cannot put it on Pinterest.


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momiss said...

The rain x can't hurt. I got a squeegee years ago for about 5 bucks and have used it ever since. WITH GLEE, no less. lol

*carrie* said...

That's funny.

I was late to the Pinterest club, but I do enjoy browsing now and then and it is handy for keeping track of ideas I want to refer to later.

Boo! Gatsby already left our theater!

Anonymous said...

I have done that before. Works great! My mom also swears by a vinegar and dawn dish soap mixture.

Carrie S.