a semi-selfish request

It's only semi-selfish, I promise!

About two or three months ago my friend Carrie wrote THIS post about ways she saves $$$ online. That is when I joined Ebates.com. I was little like, "Is this right? I just do what I normally would do but earn cashback?!" But it's true…that's all you do.

Basically you just have to make sure you go to the Ebates site, then select the store you are going to purchase items from from their list [like Amazon, or Target, or Penneys…basically ANYWHERE you shop online, except Etsy and maybe a few others], and it redirects you to that site. You then earn a certain percentage of cashback when you make purchases. It's super easy. The hardest part is remembering to go to the Ebates site first [but I think you can somehow sign up for a toolbar or something so it automatically does it?].

 I don't do much online shopping [or any shopping in general these days], but when I do it's nice to earn a little cashback as well. In the two short months I've had it, I've earned about $3! Like I said, I don't do much online shopping, but a free $3? I'll take it!

Also, while I was typing this up I noticed that AT&T is on the ebates site, so I'm going to try to go through it next time I pay my bill and see if it counts?

Another nice perk is that when you sign up, you'll get a $10 giftcard to a store of your choosing after you spend $25 online. Awesome.

Why am I being so nice and letting you in on this great secret?
If you sign up and then fill in my email as your referral [kelsey.irwin [at] gmail [dot] com ] then I get some cashback points! Win! Win! Win! We all win!

Here's the link: EBATES.com Just click the little green "sign up" in the upper right. And don't forget to fill in the "referred by" section!

[By the way, for you frequent or even semi-frequent flyers: I *think* Southwest and American Airlines are on the list]

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ashley putnam said...

Look into UPromise. Same idea, but puts in money in a college savings fund.

*carrie* said...

Hope you get a referral out of the deal. =) And glad you signed up (especially via my link--ha!)