First let me say THANK YOU to those of you that hopped on the Ebates wagon and said I referred you. You're awesome. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see yesterday's post HERE.

Now for what I came here to talk about:

My husband's incessant drumming.

And I don't use the word incessant lightly. 

Okay, you know when you're dating and it's all rainbows and unicorns and Care Bears? [Well if you were a child of the late 80s early 90s anyway].  When Brent and I started dating I noticed that he "played drums" on nearly anything: the table, his leg, the couch, the dashboard/steering wheel combo, my shoulder…you get the idea. And it was SOOO CUUUTTEE. Ya know? Like dreamy, really. Totally. 

But now? Well now the drumming just hasn't stopped. 

Mainly in the car: for some reason beyond the power of my brain to understand, the dashboard and steering wheel and console make the BEST non-drum drums. In the middle of a conversation all of a sudden Brent is going to town on those bad boys, lost in the rhythm. I don't know if I'm annoyed by the drumming, the fact that it somehow takes possession over his very soul and therefore his ability to listen to me [probably that one], the sheer force by which he pounds the steering wheel which I know one day will snap off, or it is my complete lack of rhythm which results in jealousy? Regardless, the drumming continues. 

And continues. 

And continues. 

If you see Brent driving down the road and it looks like he is in the middle of a concert, he probably won't see you wave, so don't be offended that he doesn't wave back. 

If you are sitting at the table with Brent and the timer to the microwave goes off, don't be surprised when he starts banging out the beat to the beeps.

If you're hanging out and he notices that the pen he is holding makes a unique sound on the table, don't worry when gain front row seats to the concert that ensues. 

Mostly I don't care…

…but sometimes I just want the drumming to stop! 

However, I think my daughter may have caught the drummin' bug already. 
"You talking about me?!"
But I still love my drummin' man

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Lyricality said...

Hahahaha!!! Erich does the saaaaame thing! And it bugs me too! That and he wiggles his leg back and forth in the car at stop lights... which makes the car wiggle to and fro just enough for me to notice and irk. I feel your pain! And B's picture... precious!