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My mom is an ironer. She irons everything, and irons it to perfection. By everything I mean: everything! One [I think] crazy example of this is the fact that she irons bedsheets and pillow cases. This baffles me: You never even see the sheets because they are hiding under the duvet. Yet she keeps on doing it as if she enjoys it! 

I hate ironing [can you tell?]. I don't like figuring out how to maneuver shirts and pants at odd angles to ensure their are no ironed in creases where there shouldn't be. I also don't like the idea of it all: in a few short minutes/hours [depending on the material], the said shirt, skirt, pants will just be wrinkled again. Sigh. 

But I do iron our dress clothes when they desperately need it and our portable steamer or spray bottle just won't do the trick, or when my straightener just won't force that pesky collar to lay down. 

My sister, however, clearly inherited the ironing gene from my mom. Once when I was visiting I was going to be taking some family pictures for them. She proceeded to pull out a couple outfits for the girls and IRON them. I'm talking a 12-18 month old's outfit. A child that will race and fall and roll and inevitably wrinkle clothes in 2.3 seconds. [I have yet to iron one of Blythe's outfits, can you tell?] 

I bring this up because the last time we had visitors I obviously washed the guest bedding after they left. However, this was right around the time I started to repaint my living room/dining room, and the guest bedroom became a catch all for a bit, so the bed didn't get remade right away and clean sheets laid around awhile. I finally got around to making the bed, and the sheets were horribly wrinkled. I will admit, I normally try and make the bed right away so they don't wrinkle so bad. However, as I pulled and tucked the sheets in I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of my mom walking in at that exact moment: 

She would have been mortified. [And is probably mortified right now while reading this! :)] Even I will admit that this looks pretty messy, and worse than normal since they sat for so long. But they are clean, so in the long run, does it really matter?

And once the duvet was on you can't even tell. If you plan on visiting us, I guess this is your warning that your bed will be wrinkled but clean!

Maybe I should just do this ^^^ with my ironing board. It would serve two purposes then: 
1. Welcome people, obviously. 
And 2. Be a sign to my guests that their bed may have a few wrinkles, if I've used my board in this way.  

What about you? 
Are you an ironing fiend or do you find the 
thought of ironing sheets and pillow cases as overkill? 
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tara // etsetara said...


we're downsizing for a move to NYC and i texted a friend who is already there asking if i should get rid of our full size ironing board + just keep the dorm one that i still have!

while i was waiting on her answer i realized that i couldn't even remember the last time i USED our ironing board!! so into the "sell" pile it went!

*carrie* said...

We use our iron 2-3 times a year! I have never ironed sheets. Usually the honor is reserved for weddings and holiday tablecloths!

russ said...

I hate to iron too but if I want to look sharp and neat I must tackle the ironing board otherwise I would look like I just crawled out of bed. I know you are thinking; it would take more than neat creases and pleats to make me look sharp and neat but then I have to work with what I have.

momiss said...

I have pretty much given it up. One of my rules for any new clothes is "no ironing". I do still have an iron, and up until the past few years I would iron maybe twice a year. Lately, no ironing is going on at all. Tomorrow may bring a surge of ironing desire, or it may never come again. At this point I just wait for the surprise of the day and roll with it.

bridger said...

You have seen me on a pretty regular basis, Kelsey. I think you already know my answer to whether I enjoy ironing. :)