I've been snapping some photos lately. Take a peak:

These lovely ladies are graduating next week. They wanted me to take some "buddy shots" to send out with their invitations. I had these girls in class, and have known Bailey since she was a wee-one, and they are some of the most wonderful girls. 

They both have such big, big hearts that beat for our Lord and will do very good things in their bright futures.

I have also been able to take some more shots of my main man, Westen. This little squirt is one of the happiest kids around. The first few I snapped back in February, and then we took some more [some with his brother] a couple weeks ago. Look at him grow! Watch out, ladies!

No, I did not TOUCH those eyes with a single drop of photoshop magic. Those are au-natural. 

And last but not least, one of my bigger photo projects. These two boys have also been students of mine, and are the culprits of many moments of laughter and goofiness in my classroom. 

They are both GREAT kids and talented athletes. 

Avery: How do you want me to stand?
Me: I don't know…umm…just whatever feels natural.
Dakota, from the side: Yeah, Avery, whatever feels natural while you're standing in a field of flowers. 

HA! These two! 

And they really wanted a picture with my dad's patrol car. When we were done for the day I asked if there was anything else, picture wise, that they wanted. Avery: "As long the ones by the cop car turn out, we're good!"

These two guys, who have become brothers in every sense of the word, have made my life richer…and more fun…for having known them! 

Thanks to all of you for letting me shoot you…your pictures that is. :) 
And HAPPY GRADUATION to Clara, Bailey, Dakota, and Avery. 
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aunt mary said...

I think you could have a new career!