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Blythe loves her bath time. I do not love picking up all the toys after her though, so yesterday I decided to try a little solution I had seen on Pinterest. If you need a quick fix like this, it was quite simple and cheap. 

If you're interested, these are the supplies you will need:
*Shower curtain rod*
*Shower curtain rings* 
I got ones that had little hooks on the end, which worked well. [$2 at Dollar General]

I snapped this picture of the tub as it was when I walked in the bathroom: 

Blythe helped me gather the supplies

Then I simply had to install it. It seriously took less than five minutes.

I left the rod low, so that she'll be able to get the toys. I suppose you could put it higher up if you wanted to.  [And no, I did not have to install all the lovely handicap bars: they came with the house ;). Though I will admit I did like them when I was very pregnant!]

The basket I got were a little bit larger than the ones in the project I saw on Pinterest, but they were a dollar each and I liked the colors and she has quite a few toys. They worked perfectly.

In one basket are her tub blocks. I found these "vintage" tub blocks on Craigslist a month or two ago. I was so excited because Kali and I loved our tub blocks when we were little, and the kids still love playing with them at my mom's. I don't think they had ever been used because there weren't any teeth marks on them! Blythe has already enjoyed them [this is only about 1/4 of the huge bucket I got of them!]

In another basket I put all her containers that she loves to drink out of play with. 

Another one contains her letters and numbers. 
 And the last one contains all her "animals" and boats etc. 

At least that is how they are organized for now, I'm sure they will be rearranged shortly by some chubby little dimpled fingers. It was cheap and easy fix, and I like how it turned out.

Now onto today's project…
teaching Blythe how to color. 

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momiss said...

Teaching a 1 year old to color. I think you are for sure going where no woman has gone before. Did she eat any of them? Are a lot of them broken now? I'm dying to know how this worked out. Oh, and I have see the CUTEST candles you can make out of broken crayons, so no worries. Unless she got the walls. She will, you know, eventually. I think when she does you should just paint little frames around them and wait until the kids leave home to paint again. ;)

Sharon said...

I always love your comments, Melinda! So practical.

*carrie* said...

What a great idea! We have a cute vinyl and mesh bag that hangs on a towel hook over the bath tub and it works well for us. Wow, Blythe has a lot of bath toys--no wonder she loves baths so much. I don't recall ever seeing blocks like that before--fun!

Hannah said...

that is a genius idea! not that Emerson is playing with toys in the bath tub right now, it will be good to remember that for when he is a little older I think :)