my answer to a silly question

It has amazed me that from the time I declared I would stay home with Blythe I have been asked the following question [quite often posed by men]:

But what will you DO all day? 

I learned quickly that for the first few months, the answer was: nurse Blythe…all.the.live.long.day. 

But I decided that today I would just jot down what I did. So here is the answer to "What do you do all day?" [at least today]. The pictures aren't all from today. 

8:03 I wake up to Blythe's yabbering. She bounces up and down and smiles great big when I walk in the room. I swoop her up, discover she is wet through her pajamas, and change her diaper and her clothes. Morning kisses ensue.
8:15: Blythe has breakfast. She drinks her milk, I feed her her prunes, and then she has some whole wheat bread while I load the dishwasher and start it.

8:30: Playtime begins. Necklaces, piggy bank, practice her new skill: WALKING! Look at books.

8:40: I start to get ready while Blythe plays her xylophone… during this process I have to go wipe B's nose, then her necklaces get stuck on her car, then I have to tell her no because she's getting into something she shouldn't, then I wipe her nose again, then I give her some medicine in hopes the nose stops, then she crawls into bathroom with me and I distract her with toys, then she crawls into the spare bedroom and I check on her periodically while she plays with the mirror, then she crawls into her closet  and I pull her out, then…

9:05: I'm finally done and ready [sort of]!

9:05: We play: she wants to sit in her bumbo, so I stick her in and we sing "Zacchaeus" a few times, then "If You're Happy and You Know It", then "Itsy Bitsy Spider", then "I've Got Something In My Pocket", then she's over the songs and we read a couple of books. Then I change her diaper.

9:25: We read her nap book, I sing her "Amazing Grace",  I lay her in bed. Naptime.

9:30: I pick up toys, shoes, remotes, cups. I clean the bathroom: toilet, sink, counter, tub. Because it's Monday. I start a load of laundry because I have plans for tomorrow [which I'll fill you in on soon!]

9:55:- Make coffee, check a few blogs, pay online bills, switch laundry.

10:05: I start Photoshopping pictures I took last Friday of two senior boys. I promised them I would get them to them at the first of the week. It's the first of the week. Focus. Photoshop. Photoshop. Eat a few handfuls of dry cereal when I realize I haven't had breakfast

11:00: I wonder if I should I wake her? She still needs a morning nap but doesn't nap well in afternoon if I let her nap too long. Decide to finish three more pictures and then wake her.

11:15 Hear her stirring and talking.

11:30: Paige stops by, we get Blythe up. PLAYTIME!

11:55: Blythe and I walk out to check the mail and water some plants.

12:08: Lunchtime. My perfect eater is becoming a bit pickier and doesn't want much today. I rack my brain trying to think of something to make her. After three tries she has some turkey and I call it good. I eat a few spoonfuls of the broccoli/chicken casserole she doesn't want. While she finishes eating I unload the dishwasher. We listen to some music. I set out some chicken to thaw for supper.

12:30: I clean up from lunch, heat vinegar in microwave and wipe it up, and clean high chair while Blythe plays.

12:35:I change her diaper.

12:40: We go outside to swing, but see some neighbors so we go and visit awhile. Blythe wants to pick lots of dandelions. I push her in swing awhile and she is clearly ready for nap.

1:20: We come inside and Blythe plays with her little kitchen while I throw stuff for supper in the crockpot.

1:30: Check diaper. Nap book, sing "Amazing Grace", lay her in her crib for nap.

1:35: I pick up toys.

1:40: I sit down to photoshop again and eat some chocolate Brent gave me for Mother's Day.

1:42: I go and give Blythe her blankie she threw out of her crib.

1:45: Photoshop. Photoshop.

3:01: Blythe wakes up. I get more "hey-I'm-awake" smiles. I change her diaper.

3:05: Blythe pushes her car around living room while I chase her and steer here.

3:10: I gather B's hat and shoes, and put on my shoes and we're ready to meet up with friends for walk.

3:12: I realize I haven't really eaten much, and grab a piece of bread and slather on some peanut butter. I share a few bites with Blythe.

3:15:  We head outside and Blythe plays with some tulips while we wait for friends.

3:34: Tiffany and her two boys show up and we take off on our walk.

4:45: We return from walk and sit outside and play some more.

4:58:  BRENT IS HOME! YAy!

5:10: Brent whisks Blythe away and he plays her the guitar and then changes his clothes [their daily routine], while I finish getting supper together.

5: 28: It's early, but it's easier to eat early WITH Blythe, and I'm hungry, so we sit down to eat.

5:50: Brent wipes up Blythe and takes her outside while I do dishes, load dishwasher,  put leftovers in lunch sized containers for Brent, and wipe up counters and high chair.

6:08: I consider my "work day" over and head outside to play with Brent and Blythe.

And THAT is what I do all day. And most days it is pretty fantastic.

And while I wrote this Blythe crawled over and licked my leg [?? a sign of affection? a thank you?], and then Brent stole her away to her bath…during which she promptly pooped-- in the tub I cleaned at approximately 9:38 this morning.  oh well. 

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Nicole Mendez said...

I hope these pictures were from different days! Otherwise, I can see why so much laundry needs washed!
She is adorable. Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts, ideas, pictures, etc.

Nicole Mendez said...

One more question (for you or any other stay at home mom's)...
I like working. I love being a mother. The thought of staying home didn't sound exciting to me except for the idea of being with my child (hopefully "children" someday). I don't enjoy cooking or cleaning and knew that was part of the stay-at-home-mom job. So, do you need to enjoy these things in order to finalize your decision to stay home?

Anonymous said...

Nicole, a lot of staying at home is doing the same thing over and over and can get wearing. But, I'm doing it for my family, and that's fulfilling. Staying at home is not about what is exciting for ME. It's about my children and what I believe is in their best interest. As someone who has been in the working world and who has stayed at home, staying at home is harder most days. Also, everyone has to eat and clean to some degree. You don't have to be Suzy Homemaker to stay at home and raise your babies. :) -Sarah

*carrie* said...

Cute pix, Kelsey. I can't believe she wakes up at 8 and goes down for a nap again at 9:30! Kids have such different sleep habits.

Good job getting her to love tulips at such a young age! =)

Thanks for the peek into your day. I'm sure it took a decent amount of time just to write it all down!

kelseylynae said...

Good insight, Sarah. Thanks!