a conversation

The following is a conversation had between husband and wife while eating Whoppers. 

Wife, mouth partially full: I just got one of those weird ones that is chewy.

Husband, shaking his head knowingly: Those are Whoppers that haven't whopped.

Wife: Haven't "whopped"?

Husband: Yes. Whopped. The ones that haven't whopped are kind of like Milk Duds.

Wife: Actually, you're right, they do kind of taste like Milk Duds.

Husband: Because what happens is they are all placed in the whopping machine. The ones that whop become Whoppers, the ones that…dud…become Milk Duds.

I am not saying this conversation happened between Brent and me, because it sort of sounds like a conversation between five year olds, but if it did it would make me love Brent even more. Gotta love a man who doesn't take everything so seriously. 


Brent said...


bridger said...

I believe Brent's explanation is absolutely true. I have never, however, heard the technical term "whopping machine" before. This blog is very educational.

Ana-Lou said...

wonderful depiction and explanation. =)

Kali said...

Yes! It's perfect. And this is why we love Brent :) Among other reasons of course.

Pink Pamalamma said...

Hahaha! This made me literally laugh out loud!