After I put Blythe down for a nap I decided to pour myself a bowl of cereal. Since I rarely eat breakfast [I know, I know…shame, shame], I was expecting a perfect bowl. And that's when it happened. It was the bottom of the box, which wasn't much of a surprise since my husband lives and breathes cereal, but then I saw them:

The Crummies.

When I was in college I was blessed with a lifetime roommate. By that I mean that Renae and I, though we drove/drive each other crazy at times, just click. God put her in my life when I needed a Renae the most. And I would move back in with her in a heartbeat…and I think she would too…but our husbands may not LOVE the arrangement. They'd get used to it, right?

Anyway… Renae was the queen of funny little sayings. Some of these were due to the fact that she grew up in Wisconsin, and if you know a Wisconsinite, you may hear a funny saying or two from time to time. [She once said she wanted another little schnibble of pizza, and so my dad took to calling her the "little schnibble".]

Today when I poured my cereal and I saw "the crummies", as Renae would have called them, I immediately thought of her. I picked up my phone and shot her a text:

I just got a bunch of crummies in my cereal bowl and it made me think of you and how much you hate that. :) 

She responded:

Those really are the worst. Know what else I hate? Folding bottom sheets! Just wound them all in a ball to stuff in the closet ;-) 

Ha! That made me laugh. But I know, those suckers are impossibly stupid. 

And that was all for today, but it made my heart so happy to think of my roommate wrestling with a wad of bedsheets and wrangling them into her closet.

I ate my crummies and smiled.

I hope you have a friend like that.

And don't tell me you know how to fold that fitted sheet. I don't care. ;)

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momiss said...

No need to fold fitted sheets, just put them right back on after they are dry.
PW even puts them on damp! lol

Renae Heesch said...

Thanks for this! Made me laugh and cry all at once. And I love that I don't have to explain that to you - you just know me! Renae

*carrie* said...

That's funny! I hate folding sheets--and I hate crumbs. Here's my genius tip: When the box is getting low, pour all the contents into a colander and shake. Way better!

Saw your adorable nieces today at the parade!