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15 years ago: I was thirteen, almost 14. I was passionate about basketball and Jesus. Not always in that order, but sometimes. I was also passionate about friends, and people in general. I loved to be surrounded by groups. I was letting my bangs grow out, thank goodness, and my mom was trying to teach me the lesson of modesty and screaming matches in the dressing room often took place. I was loving 8th grade, which should be a sin because from what I know now no one is supposed to love 8th grade.

11 years ago: There was this boy I had just started dating, and his name was Brent, and I was pretty sure I was already in love and that I would marry him. Basically, Part X of THIS story was happening.

8 years ago: I had just gotten engaged to that same boy, and started planning a wedding. My college roommate had left me for a Chicago-semester, and I was missing her like crazy. I was a Resident Assistant to some awesome ladies and had an awesome mentor in my R.D., who was also showing me the not-so-pleasant-constantly-puking-side of pregnancy.

7 years ago: I was wrapping up college, half terrified half exhilarated. I was deep in the throws of teaching Romeo and Juliet to my first real class full of Freshman as I student taught under the best teachers. I started this blog, with no intention to still be writing on it 7 years later. I was 2 and half months away from marriage. And moving.

5 years ago: All of a sudden we were moving "home." I was heartbroken to be leaving Louisville, which shocked me. And I was nervous and anxious and thrilled to be moving back to Missouri. My time teaching with the World's Best Team was dwindling which made me incredibly sad.

3 years ago: I was about a week away from my due date with my first baby girl. I felt like a ticking time bomb but was trying to relish in the last days of just me and Brent. I made the gut-wrenchingly tough decision to take a break from teaching to stay home with Blythe when she arrived. In a few days Blythe would surprise us and come a little before her due date, and do it in a very fast and furious style. We would be parents forever.

1 year ago: I was finally "in the groove" in my new gig as a stay at home mom, and was again very pregnant with baby girl number two. I was whipping up a few cupcakes for Blythe's second birthday party...which she would later throw up. My dad retired from law-enforcement and I reflected on what it meant to be the daughter of someone in a badge. I was dreaming of life with two girls.

Today: I am realizing I never made my coffee this morning [it's 2 p.m., too late], and preparing for a Nemo third birthday party. I vacuumed. Danced to Elsa. Served nutritious convenient fish sticks for lunch. Made a trip to Dollar General with Becks and Blythe, who was dressed as sleeping beauty. I am so very happy spending my days with these two ladies.

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